With JioFiber you can not only enjoy unlimited high-speed data but also your favorite show

OTT platforms or television are regarded as the finest alternatives when it comes to entertainment Jiofiber. The problem occurs when the DTH service experiences buffering or network outages. Missing a concert because of work or an appointment might be sad, but Jio Fibre hopes to fix all of this. These issues won’t arise if you use Jio Fibre. You get a single subscription that allows you to access all of your favourite channels, OTT services, and unrestricted ultra-fast internet.

A 4K Ultra HD smart set-top box, a smart remote, and a high-speed Wi-Fi router are all included with a JioFiber connection. Jio does not impose any installation or security fees. You have the choice to view a wide variety of channels, series, seasons, and episodes anytime you want thanks to the JioFiber set-top box. Even when the show is going live, you can halt it. By using voice commands or the channel guide, you will be able to look up channels and programs.

You will also have access to up to 14 OTT platforms, including Amazon, Netflix, and other platforms, in addition to these channels. With the JioFiber set-top box, you can experience high-quality audio and video. The cherry on top of everything else appears to be ultra-fast Wi-Fi with speeds up to 1Gbps without buffering.

Postpaid Plans

Rs 499 plan

This Jio Fibre 30-day package offers unlimited data and internet at a speed of 30Mbps. Additionally, you will have access to 7 OTT platforms and 400+ TV channels.

Rs 599 plan

This 30-day deal provides internet at a 30Mbps speed. You may enjoy 550+ channels and OTT platforms, as well as unlimited calls.

Rs 899 plan

Valid for 30 days and offering unlimited 100 Mbps internet. You will also be able to subscribe to up to 16 OTT applications and 550+ TV channels.


Does Jio Fiber have postpaid?

Customers may take advantage of several extra perks with JioFiber Postpaid Plans. It offers cost-effective ways to transform your basic broadband connection into a fully digital home with limitless internet, 550+ TV channels, and a variety of domestic and foreign premium OTT subscriptions.

Is Jio postpaid faster than prepaid?

Is prepaid slower than postpaid? No, a postpaid connection is not required to be faster than a prepaid connection that is being utilised at the same location by the same telecom provider.

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