How To Get Axis Bank Gold Loan (Updated – 2023)

What documents are required to take a Axis Bank gold loan? What should be the eligibility for Axis bank gold loan! And what documents will be required to take a loan from Axis Bank! After how much time that Axis gold loan will have to be repaid! All this information will be told to you in the post below, so let’s go ahead without delay! Let’s look carefully at the post. What is the process like Axis Bank gives Gold Loan!

What is an Axis bank gold loan?

Axis Bank Gold Loan is one of the largest banks in India, and it helps financially by giving loans to the applicants. Axis Bank has around 1999 branches in India, and Axis Bank started its full-fledged operations in 1994. It is now one of the first new banks in all the banks launched in India! It also gives Axis bank a gold loan, which we will know in detail!

Axis bank’s gold loan provides a speedy loan. The individual takes a gold loan to fulfill his needs. Moreover, the loan interest rates on gold are pretty affordable, making this bank an excellent service to its customers!

Axis Bank Gold Loan at a glance?

  • Gold Loan Interest Rate – 7.0%
  • Gold Loan per gram of gold – ₹5121 value varies with the purity of the gold
  • Time to repay the loan amount – 6 to 36 months
  • Loan Processing Fee – 1% + GST

What amount can be availed on Axis bank’s gold loan?

Before taking a loan from any bank or if you are thinking of taking a gold loan from Axis Bank! So, first of all, you need to know how much loan amount you can repay on giving Axis Bank Gold Loan! It can give you loan amount up to Rs.1000000 on Axis bank gold loan very quickly.

What is the interest rate on Axis Bank Gold Loan?

Friends, if you are thinking of taking a gold loan from Axis Bank, you should know how much interest is available on Axis Bank Gold Loan! And if you are taking a gold loan from any bank, it is also essential to know this! How much interest will I charge you from the bank you are taking a gold loan from. Now let’s talk about how many axes bank gold loan interest rate will be charged. This bank will charge you an annual interest of 7%!

How much time does Axis bank give to repay the gold loan amount?

Friends, before taking a gold loan from any bank, you should know entirely the bank from which you are taking the loan! How much time will that bank give you to repay the loan? So let’s talk about how much time you will get to deposit the loan amount back after taking a gold loan from Axis Bank! By taking a gold loan from this bank, friends, you get at least 6 months and a maximum of 36 months to repay the loan amount! Axis bank gold loan This is an essential and good facility that allows you to repay the gold loan amount through this EMI system for a long time.

What is the loan amount per gram of Axis Bank Gold Loan?

If you are thinking of taking a gold loan from Axis Bank, you need to know this! How much loan can you give per gram by taking a gold loan from this bank! So let’s talk about how much money you will get per gram by taking an Axis bank gold loan! By taking a loan from this bank, you can get a loan of up to Rs 5121 per gram. This loan amount can also vary according to the purity of your gold jewelry.

What is the eligibility to avail of Axis Bank Gold Loan?

  • Applicant’s age must be between 18 years to 75 years!
  • The applicant must be a citizen of India!
  • It is essential for you to have some source of income to take a loan from Axis Bank!
  • To take Axis bank gold loan, your monthly income must be at least ₹ 15000!
  • To take a gold loan from this bank, you must have at least 10 grams!

What are the documents required for Axis bank’s gold loan?

  • Proof of Identity- (Passport copy, Voter ID card, PAN card)
  • Address Proof (Address Proof – Aadhar Card, Ration Card, Electricity Bill or Rent Bill Passport Copy)
  • Signature certificate – passport copy, driving license, cheque)
  • 4 passport size photographs the essential thing is that the applicant should not be wearing glasses. And the photo should not be colored.

Why take Axis Bank Gold Loan only?

  • The maximum amount you can avail is up to Rs 1 crore by taking Axis Bank Gold Loan!
  • By taking a gold loan from this bank, you can also repay the loan amount in easy installments!
  • You can access the loan amount anytime at any time!
  • The ornaments pledged by you on Axis bank’s gold loan are entirely safe in the bank!
  • Interest Rate- You get the slightest interest when you take a gold loan from Axis Bank!

What are the plans to take Axis Bank Gold Loan?

  • Axis Bank provides you two types of services when you take a gold loan: as follows!
  • Term Gold Loan and Overdraft Gold Loan!

Axis Bank Term Gold Loan –

In the facility of term gold loan, the applicant can also avail loan amount starting from as low as Rs 25,000. And it can give loan amount up to Rs 50 lakh.

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Axis Bank Gold Loan Overdraft-

Overdraft This is an excellent type of scheme, in which the applicant has to pay the entire interest on that amount only. How much loan amount is being used? The minimum amount available in this scheme is Rs 200000, and the maximum is Rs 500000.

How to Renew Axis Bank Gold Loan?

To renew the Axis bank gold loan, the first bank from which you have taken the gold loan! Go to that bank and get a renewal form, fill it appropriately, and submit it in one go! After that, that bank will evaluate your gold. And your gold loan will be renewed according to the current gold rate. You will be given back the gold loan afresh!

How to apply for Axis Bank Gold Loan online?

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website of Axis Bank and open it!
  • After opening, you have to choose the type of loan, select Axis bank gold loan, and submit it!
  • After that, fill in your basic information in this form and upload all your documents and submit!
  • After this, your application form goes to review. After going to the review, Axis Bank will check the integrity of your documents!
  • Then, after that, your loan will be approved. If your loan is approved, you will be informed by the bank!
  • This Axis Bank will approve your loan within 45 minutes! After the loan is approved, your gold loan amount is directly transferred to your account.

How to apply offline for Axis Bank Gold Loan?

  • First you have to go to your nearest Axis Bank branch, after that you have to meet the bank officer! And to get information about the Gold Loan (Axis bank gold loan) scheme from him!
  • After this, you take an application form from the bank and fill it thoroughly, keeping in mind that there should be no mistake! If you have made any mistake in filling out the form, your form will be rejected. So fill out the form thoroughly!
  • After filling out the form, attach all your documents with the form and submit it to the bank!
  • After doing this, the bank will verify your documents.• After verifying these documents, if you follow all the terms and conditions of the bank! So your loan is approved, and you get a call from the bank that your loan has been approved. And the loan amount is transferred to your account.

Can we get gold loan from Axis Bank?

A gold loan is available to anyone who requires money right away. If you possess gold and are between the ages of 18 and 75, you may apply for a loan against it with Axis Bank.

What is the Axis Bank interest rate?

Domestic, NRO & NRE Savings Rate – 3.50% p.a.

What is the procedure of gold loan in Axis Bank?

Visit the closest bank location to apply for an Axis Bank gold loan. Speak with a branch representative who can walk you through the procedure. Get your gold item(s) appraised afterwards to determine the value of your gold loan. You may anticipate a prompt disbursement of the loan amount when the documents have been validated.

What are the documents required for gold loan in Axis Bank?

You must provide your basic KYC papers, such as your PAN card, Aadhar card, etc., in order to apply for a gold loan.

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