How To Play Bunco Game: Complete Guide

How To Play Bunco Game

Hello friends today will talk about How To Play Bunco Game. The Bunco Game dice game known as “Bunco” has been played at parties and other social events since the 1800s. There are certain fundamental principles to abide by in order to enjoy the game, even if players love adding their own versions to the regulations.

The Object of Bunco Game

How To Play Bunco Game

The dice are rolled, and the participants tally their “wins” or “Buncos.” The player having the most “wins” or “Buncos” at the conclusion of play is declared the winner. Sets of the game, which each have six rounds, are played. Typically, teams play between two and four complete sets.

Printable Bunco Game Rules and Scoresheet

To download and print the Bunco game rules and scoresheets, simply click the picture below. A cheat sheet of the rules is useful to have on hand when playing, especially for brand-new players. If you need assistance with the download, you may visit a useful Adobe tutorial.

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Bunco Game Set-up

How To Play Bunco Game

The basic game of bunco is usually played by 12 people. Four tables will have three individuals each seated at them, with one set serving as the “head table.” Following should be placed on each table:

  • 3 dice
  • 4 score sheets (1 for each player)
  • 2 pencils
  • 2 notepads (1 for each team)
  • 1 scratch pad for the scorekeeper (head table only)
  • 1 bell (head table only)
  • 1 fuzzy die (head table only)

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Getting Started With Bunco Game

The first step is determining which players will sit at the head table.

  • On the back of four of the twelve scoresheets, draw a star. The other players shouldn’t be able to tell which sheets the stars were drawn on by doing this.
  • A score sheet will be chosen by each participant from the stack.
  • The head table will be occupied by the four players who each took a sheet with a star on it.
  • The remaining participants will create teams and seat at the other tables. Team members ought to sit across from one another, not next to one another.
  • Aside from the head table, each table should have a predefined number (e.g., table two, table three).
  • Each table’s scorekeeper will be chosen by the players there.
  • Let each participant choose a score sheet. The top table is reserved for those who choose a score sheet with a star. The seats at the other tables are chosen by every other participant. Teammates are the players seated across from one another.
  • Designate one player from each table to keep the score.

Playing Without Twelve Players

How To Play Bunco Game

You can divide the total number of participants by three if there are less than 12 present. To play, you need at least three tables, although each table does not need to have four players at it. If you have more than 12 players, on the other hand, you may add additional tables with a maximum of four players each or even organise your own Bunco Game tournament.

Playing With an Odd Number of Players

If you utilise a “ghost,” you can play with an odd number of players. The ghost’s companion throws the dice and keeps track of the results.

Basic Bunco Game Rules

Follow the rules detailed below to play Bunco Game:

  • The play begins when the bell is rung by the scorekeeper at the head table. The head table will be in command at all times during the game.
  • Each person at a table rolls the three dice, writing their results on the score sheets as they go.
  • The first round has the players aiming to roll a “1.”
  • Each “1” rolled results in a point being awarded. For instance, since the number “1” was rolled twice, a roll of 1-1-4 would result in two points being awarded.
  • A “Bunco” is rolled and the player receives 21 points if all three dice are a “1”. The word “Bunco” must be yelled by the player in order to score.The 21 points are only recorded on the scorecard of the person who rolled the Bunco Game.
  • The player receives five points if they roll the dice and come up with three consecutive non-“1” numbers. For instance, rolling a 4-4-4 in the first round would result in 5 points.If the player rolls and gets no point, their turn is over and the dice goes to the next player sitting clockwise from them.

Once a team at the head table either rolls a Bunco or scores 21 and yells “game,” the head scorekeeper will ring the bell to end the round.

  • Take note that even if a team at a particular table has achieved 21 or a Bunco Game, play should continue there until the head table rings the bell. Till the head table calls the round, the tables should keep gaining points.
  • Players at other tables are permitted to conclude their turns when the bell is rung and then add their points to their scoreboard.

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At the end of the round, the players review their scoresheets:

  • A player marks a “W” on their sheet if their team wins the round.
  • Players mark a “L” on their sheet if their team lost the round.
  • All four players will compete in a “roll-off” if the score is tied.
  • The participants roll the dice according to the round’s number; for example, they must roll a two in round two, a three in round three, and so on.
  • The scorekeeper for the table rolls first, waits until they fail to score, and then hands the dice to the following player.
  • The team with the highest score is declared the winner after all four players have rolled and scored. In the event of a tie, the roll-off process is repeated until one team prevails.

Now the teams will rotate between the tables in this order:

  • The losing team is moved to table two, and the victorious team remains at the head table. One member from the victorious side will shift to the next chair when the team breaks apart.
  • The head table’s losing team moves to table two.
  • The winning team from table two goes to the head table and reorganises.
  • The winning team from Table Three transfers to Table Two and reorganises.
  • The losing team from table two switches to table three and establishes new teams.
  • The losing table three team remains in place but creates new teams with new members at the table.
  • Round two is started once the teams at each table elect a new scorekeeper.
  • The same rules apply for each consecutive round; the only difference is the desired die number. Players must roll a two in round two. Players will need to roll a three in round three, and so on.

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Ending the Bunco Game

When the players have decided to end the game with their last round, the scorekeepers should review the scoresheets to determine the winning team.

  • They will tally the overall win and loss totals.
  • The categories for winners are decided by the players; they may contain only one winner, such as the player with the most wins, or they may include several winners, such as the player with the most wins and the most Buncos.
  • Some players also provide awards to those who participated but didn’t place at the top or bottom, or to the person who had the same number of victories and losses. Above all, everyone should enjoy the game so that the team can be inventive with its awards and prizes.

Variations in Bunco Game Rules

There are many variations of Bunco Game that players enjoy. Some common variations include:

There may be four, six, or more rounds played in a set, and there are typically three sets in a game, though there may be more or less.

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Video Rules for Bunco Game

You might find it useful to show your group members a video summary of the Bunco Game rules. When a new player joins the group or when veteran players want a refresher, this video might be quite useful. To assist everyone brush up and be ready for an entertaining evening, you could even play it during a quick happy hour before the game starts.

Learning to Play Bunco Game

Bunco may appear a little challenging at first, but once you get going, you’ll realise how enjoyable and simple it is to play. Although Bunco Game is best for groups, it can’t be played with a small number of players. Even though 12 players is recommended, you can play with as few as eight players by using three tables of three, with a “ghost” at one of the tables. A girls’ night out party is a great occasion to play the dice game bunco. To guarantee that everyone has fun, regardless of who gets the highest score, you may be creative with the basic rules by including variants and rewards.


What is the object of Bunco Game?

To outwin every other player in rounds is the goal of the game of bunco. When a player’s team outperforms the other team at their table in a round, they win the round. The winner is the one who, among all players, has won the most rounds.

Why is it called bunco?

In many gambling establishments that came to be known as Bunco parlours, Bunco Dice and Bunco Cards came together to create a more effective way of separating regular people from their money. As a result, the name “Bunco” evolved to refer to all types of confidence games, frauds, and deception.

What age is bunco game for?

University Games’ Bunco Party in a Box, for Ladies Night with the Girls, comes with a Fuzzy Die and is for 2 to 12 Players, Ages 8 and Up.

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