Learn How to Find Lost Bluetooth Device

Use a Bluetooth scanner app on your phone

A Find Lost Bluetooth Device is often paired with another device when it is first set up on a computer or mobile device. For instance, you may connect a Bluetooth device to a wireless speaker or an audio system in your automobile. You must use this pairing process if you want to locate a Find Lost Bluetooth Device Find out how to use iOS or Android-powered smartphones and tablets to locate a missing Bluetooth item.

Locating a Find Lost Bluetooth Device

The chances of successfully locating your lost Bluetooth-enabled headphones, earphones, or other gadget using a smartphone and Bluetooth scanning software are good as long as they still have some battery life and were switched on when you misplaced them. On both iOS and Android-based phones and tablets, a number of these apps are accessible.

Find Lost Bluetooth Device
  • Verify that the phone’s Bluetooth is turned on. If your phone’s Bluetooth radio is turned off, it won’t be able to detect the signal from the missing Bluetooth item. Access Quick Settings on Android. Tap the grey Bluetooth symbol to make it active. For Bluetooth, you might need to swipe left. Bluetooth is likewise simple to enable on an iPhone in the Settings app.
  • Install a Bluetooth scanning application. Download LightBlue for Android or the iPhone, for instance. This sort of software finds and lists all Find Lost Bluetooth Device broadcasting nearby.
  • Start scanning using the Bluetooth scanner application. Find and note the signal strength of the missing Find Lost Bluetooth Device in the list of discovered devices. (Make sure location services are enabled.) Move about in the area where you believe you may have left it if it doesn’t appear on the list until it does.
  • Make an effort to find the item when it appears on the list. You’ve moved away from the device if the signal strength decreases (for instance, goes from -200 dBm to -10 dBm). You’re warming up if the signal intensity increases (for instance, moves from -10 dBm to -1 dBm). Play this round of Hot or Cold repeatedly until you locate the phone.
  • Turn on some music. Send some loud music to any missing Bluetooth headphones or other audio equipment using the phone’s music app. The Bluetooth headset’s volume may be controllable from the phone, so turn it up and listen for music coming from the headset.


How do I rename a Bluetooth device?

Go to Settings > Connected Devices > Connection Preferences > Bluetooth > Device name on the majority of Android devices to modify the Bluetooth name. Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Select the connected Bluetooth item > Name on an iOS device to change the name.

How do I unpair a Bluetooth device on my Android?

Initially, confirm that Bluetooth is switched on. then select Bluetooth under Settings > Connections. To unpair a device, click the cogwheel next to it and choose Unpair.

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