How to play Crazy 8 Game: Rules, Tips, And Tricks

Hello friends today we will talking about How to play Crazy 8 Game. nEveryone of any age may enjoy playing the popular card game Crazy 8 Game. The game may be played by any number of players between two and eight, and while having more players might heighten the suspense and mystery, it also means that many players will only be able to play for a shorter period of time because there are fewer cards accessible to each player. But if you’re looking for a good method to gather people together, nothing beats a game of cards, and Crazy 8 Game delivers on all counts.

There are many different names and variants of Crazy 8 Game. Other names for it are Switch, Rockaway, and Swedish Rummy. It’s unfortunate that some British players call it Black Jack since it might lead to confusion with the well-known American card game Blackjack.

Things You Should Know

How to play Crazy 8 Game

  • In order to win in Crazy Eights, you must attempt to discard cards by matching either the rank or suit of the face-up card in the discard pile.
  • The objective of the game is to be the first one to discard all your cards. Or, if you’re playing multiple rounds, you want to have the fewest points.
  • You can play variations by assigning different actions to cards, increasing the number of starting cards, and more.

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How to Play Crazy 8 Game (Crazy Eights Game)

In its simplest version, two players each get seven cards from a standard 52-card deck, or five cards from two decks of 104 cards if there are more than two players. The top card is turned up to start the discard pile after the remaining cards are dealt face-down to form the inventory. If the highest card in this hand is an Crazy 8 Game, it is “buried” in the deck, and the next card is pulled.

Each player adds a card, face up, to the discard pile of cards, beginning with the person to the dealer’s left. Every card played must have the same rank or suit as the top card in the discard pile. The player who plays an Crazy 8 Game can choose any suit for the person who comes after them to follow since all eights are wild and can be thrown at any time. Anyone who is unable or unwilling to follow the highest card must take cards from the top of the deck and add them to their hand until one may be dealt to the discard pile or there are no more cards left in the deck.

The game is ended when the final card from a player’s hand is revealed or when no one can match the final card. Counting 50 points for each 8, 10 points for each face card or cards, and other cards at their numerical value, the player who played out receives payment from each opponent based on the total face value of cards still in that opponent’s hand. In the event that the Crazy 8 Game “blocks,” the player with the lowest sum of held cards wins the difference in sums with each opponent. To sum up, both parties should exit the four-hand partner game.


How to play Crazy 8 Game

A player that is unable to discard draws just one card from their inventory during a switch development, and some cards have special rules:

  • Aces are far more potent than 8s and are regarded as wild cards.
  • Typically, once a 2 is played, the next player must play a 2 or, if he or she is unable to, must draw two cards from the stock and forego a turn. The next player may play normally if that person draws; however, if a 2 is shown, the next player must pick four cards and forfeits a turn.
  • The number of cards that the next player must draw for failing to play a 2 increases by two for each additional 2 played, up to a maximum of eight cards.
  • A 4 performs similar operations as a 2, with the exception that a 4 must be thrown or four cards must be gathered (with a maximum of 16 cards).
  • Tossing a jack reverses the direction of play and forces the player who came before to do the same, or that player will miss a turn.

Last card

The Crazy 8 Game is ended when the last card of either player is dealt. When playing one of two cards, the player must remark, “One left” or “Last card.” Any rule infraction, even moving too slowly, results in the draw of two cards from the deck as punishment. The winner wins the face value of every card still in the other players’ possession in addition to extra points of 20 for an ace, 15 for a 2, 4, or jack, and 10 for a king or queen.

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Tips & Tricks for Crazy Eights (Crazy 8 Game) 

If and when you toss an eight, you can choose the suit in which you draw the most cards, or you can try to choose one in which your opponent is lacking in cards. You can know by thinking back to the previous suit from which they had to choose a card.

In most circumstances, a rank match should be held before a similar suit match. But take into account the hands you have. Some plays may be far better than others.

Play the highest cards first when attempting to match a suit and get points.

Variations of the Crazy 8 Game

Keeping track on hand allows you to play Crazy Eights in a series of games. Add up all the cards that the losers still have in their hands at the conclusion of each game, then award the winner the points.

Typically, the face value of an index card (such as a 6), an Ace, and an 8 are each worth 1 point, 10 points for a face card (such as a queen or king), and 6 points for a face card. The eights should not be kept.

As long as it’s possible, let players keep discarding multiple cards each turn.

Play when Jack omits the turn of the player after him. The Jack allows for an additional turn when there are only two players in the hand.

To change the course of the game, select a reverse card. The reverse card is typically a queen.


Why is it called Crazy 8 Game?

The 8 (thus the name) is the only card in Crazy Eights’ basic format to have these qualities. No matter which card is at the top of the pile, the 8 can be played. If the 8 is not the player’s last card, the player may then call a change of suit.

How do you break the Crazy 8 Game?

Recognising your participation in the cycle is the first step towards breaking it. You may determine whether you’re in a Crazy 8 pattern by gently monitoring how you’re responding towards the events in your life. The phrase “there’s only one way out is up” is used. The arrows in the 8’s centre are all pointing upward, as you can see.

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