These six drinks are actually dehydrating your body


Coffee’s high caffeine level makes it one of the most dehydrating your body. One or two cups of copy won’t entirely dehydrate you, though. According to estimates, you would need to consume close to five cups of coffee daily to notice a significant decrease in hydration.


Tea has less caffeine than coffee, yet too much of it in one day might dehydrate you. Your body may excrete more salt and water via your urine if you consume too much tea, particularly if it contains caffeine. Limit your tea intake and make sure you’re drinking enough water as well.

​Regular and diet sodas

According to a research, drinking cooled carbonated beverages makes people feel more hydrated. However, because to their diuretic effects from the sugar and caffeine content, these refreshers actually lead the user to become dehydrated.

Beer, wine, and cocktails​

Drinking alcohol causes dehydration, which can cause symptoms including a throbbing headache, dry lips, and poor energy. For each big (250 ml) glass of wine consumed, the average person generates 350 ml of pee. Every bottle that is consumed results in a net loss of a third of a litre as a result.

Therefore, if you want to drink alcohol, be sure to stay hydrated with water before, during, and after. Cocktails with additional sugar will have a greater dehydrating your body effect.

High-protein smoothies​

Your healthy smoothies’ high protein content and any sugar added in the form of sweeteners, flavoured yoghurts, or juices will have a dehydrating your body impact. Dehydration warning indicators include dark urine and inexplicable weariness.

​Certain juices​

Juices with a lot of sugar can dehydrate you instead of keeping your boy hydrated. When taken in large quantities, beetroot juice may cause your body to expel water. Lemonade will also lose some of its hydrating properties due to the drink’s additional sugar, which is often inevitable. Asparagine, an amino acid that is known to be diuretic, is abundant in celery juice.


Does coffee actually dehydrating your body?

Coffee has diuretic effects due to the caffeine it contains, which makes you urinate more frequently. However, especially if you’re a frequent coffee consumer, these effects are too weak to result in dehydration. Given how much water is in coffee, some people may even find it to be hydrating.

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