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Price Prediction Of ZKSwap (ZKS) 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is ZKSwap?

ZKSwap is based on the Automated market maker paradigm and ZL Rollup, breaking the boundaries between ZK and Swap. ZKSwap is a layer 2 decentralised exchange that seeks to reduce the issue of high gas prices. L2Lab team built the project, and to increase TPS, they also produced a GPU version of the Plonk algorithm and a prover server. Platform will function similarly to Uniswap, except it will rely on Layer-2 and have full privacy and scalability.

The network will be able to move ERC-20 or ETH tokens to layer 2 state using zero knowledge proofs once ZK-technology Rollup’s is adopted. So, any trader or liquidity provider can submit a layer 1 token for conversion into a layer 2 token with a real-time swap and no gas fees. Integration of ZKSwap’s privacy payment solution ensures that every transaction on the platform is completely secret. The platform will eventually offer support for ERC721, NFT, and other DeFi standard tokens in addition to ERC20 tokens.

There are already more than 200 pairs available on ZKSwap where traders can swap or offer liquidity as they see fit. ZKSwap aims to improve user experience by giving token holders full custody of their tokens. This project is expected to address issues that have been noted in the present DEX, such as block confirmation delays and slow processing.

ZKSwap Price Prediction

Month & YearZKS Price Prediction
March 2023$0.0906
April 2023$0.1346
May 2023$0.1501
June 2023$0.1589
July 2023$0.1711
August 2023$0.1271
September 2023$0.1501
October 2023$0.1650
November 2023$0.1954
December 2023$0.1995
January 2024$0.2177
March 2024$0.2326
April 2024$0.2252
July 2024$0.2624
October 2024$0.2401
January 2025$0.2671
February 2025$0.5856
March 2025$0.6018
April 2025$0.6627
May 2025$0.6728
June 2025$0.6897
July 2025$0.7709
August 2025$0.8926
September 2025$0.8142
October 2025$0.7979
November 2025$0.9332
Decemeber 2025$0.9602
January 2030$2.0624
March 2030$2.1909
May 2030$2.4614
July 2030$2.2653
September 2030$2.6102
December 2030$2.7048

ZKSwap Overview

Project nameZKSwap
Ticker SymbolZKS
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Based onDEX
Launched year2020
All-time high$11.37 USD
Exchange PlatformZKS, Huobi Global, Uniswap, MXC, 1inch Exchange, Gate, Hotbit, LBank

ZKS Price Analysis

ZKS will experience a bull run in 2021 as its market cap continues to expand steadily and has already surpassed $500 million. ZKS is already listed on important trading platforms, such as Huobi Global, where it contributes to breaking the ATH record. ZKS was trading at $2.70 as of this writing, but it may break through resistance in the future to reach the $5 USD milestone.

ZKS is the ZKSwap ERC-20 protocol token, which is referred to as a key element of the ecosystem. More than 60% of the token supply will be made available for community mining using various mining techniques. ZKS certification is required for participation in governance, token listing, and transaction verification processes. Yet, proof of liquidity mining, gas, ZK snarks, TransFee, and smart contract staking are all examples of community miming. ZKS Pricing is anticipated to increase by over $10 USD, and when compared to other DEX tokens, it may even surpass $30 USD in the coming month.


Decentralized Finance keeps setting records for both market cap volume and technological adoption. More than a thousand projects have already been started recently, and the majority of the current platforms have moved to decentralised networks. We are also witnessing the emergence of decentralised exchange, or a cryptocurrency exchange run by the community themselves, amid this wave of DeFi. But, as network demand grows, concerns about gas prices, scalability, and privacy become more pressing. As little money swap and transfer grow more horrible, the majority of DEX now in operation impose enormous gas fees for each transaction, often charging more fees than actual funds.


Will ZKS Coin hit $50?

Our prediction engine predicts that ZKS will reach $50 after 2025.

Is ZKSwap a Good Investment?

The project’s characteristics clearly outperform those of existing DEX since DEX is the future.

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