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Altura (Alu) Price Prediction 2022, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

What is Altura?

Altura is the hub of innovation for NFTs, or digital collectibles, and blockchain. The largest BSC NFT gaming portal for smart NFTs, according to Altura. Platform run on a smart contract that enables users to create, send, store, and share smart NFTs, particularly for use in gaming products. The project’s main output will be smart NFTs, where each NFT in this category will have dynamic attributes that can be changed based on the environment.

Altura is also thinking about developing next-generation technologies (NFTs), where platforms provide ready-to-use tools and infrastructure for users and developers. With the use of this tool, developers may easily incorporate various NFTs into virtual, metaverse, and 3D/VR games. Every interface, API, and tool is more user-friendly and greatly customizable to suit needs.

Altura will essentially take the place of conventional NFT functionalities while also attempting to investigate additional user scenarios and potential outcomes. The game developer will have additional revenue opportunities thanks to NFT loos boxes. Since the rarity of NFT will depend on luck, every player and developer will be eligible to get a random NFT drop from loot boxes. Each NFT will have unique attributes such as a name, icon, description, and other specifics. Altura will eventually shape NFTs in the expanding metaverse and NFT gaming industries.

Altura Price Prediction

Month & YearALU Price Prediction
September 2022$695,218.83
October 2022$1,032,451.85
November 2022$1,151,780.46
December 2022$1,219,227.06
January 2023$1,312,614.67
February 2023$975,381.65
March 2023$1,151,780.46
April 2023$1,265,920.86
May 2023$1,499,389.87
June 2023$1,530,519.08
September 2023$1,670,600.48
December 2023$1,784,740.89
April 2024$1,727,670.69
July 2024$2,013,021.70
October 2024$1,841,811.09
January 2025$2,049,339.10
February 2025$4,492,981.42
March 2025$4,617,498.23
April 2025$5,084,436.25
May 2025$5,162,259.26
June 2025$5,291,964.26
July 2025$5,914,548.29
August 2025$6,848,424.34
September 2025$6,246,593.11
October 2025$6,122,076.30
November 2025$7,159,716.35
Decemeber 2025$7,367,244.37
January 2030$15,824,010.78
March 2030$16,809,768.83
May 2030$18,885,048.94
July 2030$17,380,470.86
September 2030$20,026,452.99
December 2030$20,752,801.03

Altura Overview

Project nameAltura
Ticker SymbolALU
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Based onSmart NFTs
Launched year2021
Exchange PlatformGate, Pancakeswap, Babyswap, Dodo BSC
WalletMetamask, Trust Wallet

ALU Token Price Analysis

ALU is the primary utility token of the online marketplace for collectibles and a means of obtaining NFT treasure boxes. The NFT will be purchased or sold using this token, and earnings will also be dispersed among developers. All transaction costs will be paid in ALU tokens; these are minor fees, but because there are more transactions, the revenue is bigger. since IDO’s ALU price has increased by nearly 80 times with a $200 million market cap. The price may reach $1 USD during the upcoming bull run before moving toward its next target.

ALU IDO Overview

Platform used0XBULL
Raised by$171,000 USD
Date of ICO27th April 2021
ICO Price$0.00057 USD
PartnersChainlink, CryptoBlades, Chaincade, Polkacity, NFTTrade, Wizard, Biswap, Deepspace, m Content, Rune, Babyswap.


Altura is a blockchain initiative that has the potential to alter the environment of NFTs’ expanding demand and customizability. As of 2021, the blockchain business will be surrounded by a variety of niches, including Memecoin, Defi, NFT, and the recently introduced metaverse. NFT gaming is currently at its pinnacle following Facebook’s name change to Metaverse. Altura will therefore play a significant part in the metaverse’s progress throughout this expansion. Altura is a project that is currently ranked 500th in terms of market capitalization, and with a chance of reaching a billion-dollar market capitalization, it may rank among the top 300 crypto projects.

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