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Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing on Digg

Friends, today we are taking about Digg if you want to earn money from affiliate marketing, then you are reading the right article because I am going to share one of my methods of making money online through affiliate marketing.

What is Digg?

Before starting the article, let me tell you that this article is based on the official website, which is an American-based site and has more than 5 lakh monthly traffic.

The interesting fact about the Digg website is that you can easily create your account and publish posts, videos, images, and whatever you want. Visit the https://digg.com/ official website and create your account.

Why Digg’s website is Good for you?

However, let me tell you how you can do affiliate marketing on this website. As already mentioned, I clearly said that a https://digg.com/ website has traffic from high-tier countries like USA and UK, and we all know that high-tier countries love to do online shopping.

How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing on Digg?

So you just need to find the best affiliate products you want to promote on this website. For Example, visit the Amazon website and search out their handbags.

After searching for handbags on Amazon, Just pick up the best 10 handbag collections, and on the Digg website, publish an article. In that article, I will provide all the affiliate links with that particular handbag image so visitors can easily click on your link and purchase that product.

This trick will work for you because all traffic is genuine, so if people would like that product, they can purchase from your link.


But let me tell you that this procedure will take some time because it depends on how many views your article on videos gets on the official website.

I hope you will understand how you could do affiliate marketing through a website and earn $100 per week. If this article is helpful for you, then please share our blog with your friends and families.

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