How To Play Mash Game: Complete Guide

How To Play Mash Game

Hello friends in this article we will talk about How To Play Mash Game. Mash Game is a multi-player fortune-telling game of elimination. A variety of prospective life choices are provided and arranged according to well-liked categories, including work, spouse, and location. Options are eliminated one at a time from each category using a predetermined number, also known as the “magic number,” to determine the fortune.

What Does M.A.S.H. Stand For In The Game?

How To Play Mash Game

The abbreviation for the MASH video game is Mansion, Apartment, Shack, and House. Mash Game is the major category in the game (housing), but is played with 4-9 extra categories, such as spouse, # of kids, car, place, work, and more.

Mash Playing Time

Typical MASH game should only take five minutes to complete. Each round should just take a minute or two for skilled players who understand how the Mash Game works.

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Why Mash Is Fun

It doesn’t matter if you believe in superstition or not—playing creative games is enjoyable! We just don’t know what the future holds for each one of our complicated lives.  We are left daydreaming about what our futures hold all the time. With Mash Game, participants may gain a quick picture of their ‘future’ with this traditional fortune-telling game. Of course it’s all pretend, but despite that, the dialogues are goofy and amusing.  For kids and teens in particular, it’s the ideal diversion or icebreaker game, especially during lunchtime.

How To Play The Mash Game | Complete Game Rules

How To Play Mash Game

1. Get 1 or more friends, a sheet of paper, and a pencil or pen

Mash Game is often performed by two individuals, but you are welcome to include more. There will be other players waiting for your turn, so just be aware that only one player’s fate may be read at a time. All you need is some solid categories and selections in addition to a piece of paper and a pencil or pen.

2. Choose 4-6 MASH categories

The abbreviation M.A.S.H, which stands for Mansion, Apartment, Shack, and House, is used to refer to the game’s single default type of housing. You should also pick another 4 to 9 categories (usually people pick 5 more). The following are the top 6 most popular categories:

  • MASH (housing)
  • Spouse
  • # of kids
  • Car
  • Place
  • Job

Pet(s), salary, spouse’s work, first child’s name, and others are additional categories. Select any categories you find entertaining.

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3. Set up your MASH game on paper

You should put down your categories as you pick them (or use our [free printable template] below). Enter each of the categories you want to utilise after writing M.A.S.H at the top of the page. Make sure there is space for 4 lines of selections under each category.

4. Fill in the categories with 4 options each

How To Play Mash Game

This is where the fun begins. Per category, you should have a few solid choices as well as at least one dud. So you might pick two well-known celebrities you really like, a fellow student you like a lot, and then something goofy for the “marry” category. Some individuals pretend that the fortune teller chooses the foolish or undesirable option out of three options that the person receiving their fate read can choose from. Others pretend that the alternatives are chosen by the fortune teller.

5. Set your magic number by drawing a spiral and counting the gaps

When the fortune teller tells to stop, the individual drawing their fate stops drawing their spiral. The spiral’s gaps are then all counted. The following phase will include reducing your possibilities using this secret number.

6. Start crossing off options using your magic number

MASH is an elimination-based game of chance. Count the number from above and mark the choice you come to starting with the MASH possibilities and moving down through the other categories. If the magic number was five, for instance, you would count:

  1.  (M)
  2. (A)
  3. (S)
  4. (H)
  5. Category #2, Option 1, and cross off that option.

7. Continue counting your number for the remaining options and cross off where you land

Cross off the alternatives you choose after adding up the last item you crossed off. Continue counting above until you reach the last choice in the last category on the list. Skip any items that have previously been checked off as you count.

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8. Circle the last remaining option in each category

Circle the last choice in each category if there is only one left. This is your good luck in that area. Count all possibilities that have not been marked off or circled until just one option remains in each category.

9. Read your fortune aloud

The enjoyable part is now! Your fortune will be told as a narrative. For instance, suppose each category’s highlighted item has the following description:

  • MASH: Mansion
  • Marry: Harry Styles
  • # of kids: 10
  • Car: taxicab
  • Place: Mt Everest
  • Job: Dog Walker

You would say aloud, “I’m going to marry Harry Styles, and we’re going to have ten kids and live in a home on Mount Everest. I’ll operate a cab and walk dogs for a living.

Your future is predetermined! (If you don’t like it, simply rerun it.)


What is the meaning of the MASH game?

MASH, an interactive children’s game that stands for “mansion, flat, shack, and house,” has gained popularity in recent years. As an anthropologist, I would classify it as a “oracle” or “fortune-telling” game because the primary goal is to foretell the future of the players, claims Dr.

What are the categories in the Mash Game?

The abbreviation M.A.S.H, which stands for Mansion, Apartment, Shack, and House, is used to refer to the game’s single default type of housing.

Who created MASH the game?

Based on the movie, Fox Video Games released M*A*S*H in 1983 as an action game for the Atari 2600. Doug Neubauer was in charge of the programming and design.

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