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Price Prediction Of PolkaFoundry (PKF) 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is PolkaFoundry?

PolkaFoundry, as its name suggests, is a Polkadot-based platform that aids developers in creating DeFi and NFT applications on the Polkadot and Substrate environment. Platform aimed to provide a single point of production where developers could construct decentralised apps that were practical, widely used, and accessible. Numerous brand-new initiatives are being worked on, and the most of them are selecting the Polakdot ecosystem to achieve great performance, genuine interoperability, and scalability.

By introducing novel UX-enabling, EVM-computability, and one-click migration from Ethereum, Polkafoundry hopes to reinvent the development industry. Infrastructure support for multi-chain DEX, insurance, prediction market, launchpad, and NFT marketplace, NFT auction is provided in the real use cases. Built-in functionality for offering DeFi as services that aid in managing identities, storing, and bringing Oracle data on chain.

As it will be built on the tendermint engine, PolkaFoundry will be developed in two stages. Platform was constructed in the second phase employing the substrate ecosystem’s primary characteristics, including Parachains of Polkadot. We are aware that the Ethereum network did not function as well as it might have, and that network congestion and quicker transaction speeds are currently the main problems affecting new applications. The platform’s own public blockchain is enabled with a variety of services, including PolkaID, DocuGuard, and Decentralized Gate, in order to accelerate the creation of game-changing technologies.

PolkaFoundry Price Prediction

Month & YearPKF Price Prediction
September 2022$0.10
October 2022$0.15
November 2022$0.17
December 2022$0.18
January 2023$0.19
February 2023$0.14
March 2023$0.17
April 2023$0.19
May 2023$0.22
June 2023$0.23
September 2023$0.25
December 2023$0.26
April 2024$0.25
July 2024$0.30
October 2024$0.27
January 2025$0.30
February 2025$0.66
March 2025$0.68
April 2025$0.75
May 2025$0.76
June 2025$0.78
July 2025$0.87
August 2025$1.01
September 2025$0.92
October 2025$0.90
November 2025$1.06
Decemeber 2025$1.09
January 2030$2.33
March 2030$2.48
May 2030$2.79
July 2030$2.56
September 2030$2.95
December 2030$3.06

PolkaFoundry Overview

Project namePolkaFoundry
Ticker SymbolPKF
Total Supply200,000,000
Based onBlockchain dApps Development
Launched year2020
All-time high$2.27 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap, Gate

PKF IDO Overview

Platform usedDuckStarter, Ignition
Raised by$2,030,000 USD
Date of ICO10th march 2021
ICO Price$0.1 USD
PartnersSignum capital, Spark, Master ventures, x21, magnus capital, Mantra DAO, DuckDAO, Rarestone, Blocksync Ventures, Solidity Ventures, Block Hunters, DAS Capital

PKF Price Analysis

PKF is an Ethereum-based ERC20 standard token that serves as the Polkafoundry ecosystem’s utility token. With several venture investments in the project, PKF received tremendous interest in the private sale round. Duckstarter and Ignition by Paid Network held PKF IDO for $0.1 as investors had previously received a 10x return on their investment. After Red Kite’s announcement, PKF broke through resistance to achieve a new all-time high of $2.27 USD. Red Kite’s new launchpad tier, where investors must contribute a minimum of 500 tokens on Mantra DAO to receive one ticket, was also revealed.

As transaction fees for calculation and storage as well as full payment for Polkafoundry & partner services, PKF on the platform will be used. According to the regulations established by the founding team and in order to get allocation users given staking term, early investor token will be frozen.


The blockchain development company PolkaFoundry is a secret gem that unquestionably contributes to new blockchain innovation. The project that offers an all-inclusive solution based on the Polkadot Ecosystem is preferred since it preserves performance, scalability, and improved features. Polkafoundry’s public blockchain is now being used in more than 5 projects, with more planned for the future year. The team’s most recent project, Red Kite, is an IDO launchpad that aids in raising money for future cryptocurrency initiatives. But before the end of 2021, DEX, Prediction Markets, and other projects that are under development will debut.

Will PKF hit $10?

The PKF token has a number of advantages in addition to a set APY for staking and taking part in IDO Red Kite.

Is PolkaFoundry a Good Investment?

Due to its functionality, PolkaFoundry will serve as a significant cornerstone for decentralised apps, and its value will continue to increase.

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