How To Get Yes Bank Business Loan

Yes Bank Business Loan How to take a business loan from Yes Bank, Yes Bank Business Loan 2022, friends, in today’s inflationary era, you cannot collect money by doing any job! Nor can you do your own business by doing a small job! If you have a dream that you have a business of your own! You do not have to be a servant anywhere, and you are the owner of your own business. So for this, you can start your business very quickly by taking a loan.

How much does Yes Bank Business Loan give?

Friends, if you want to take a business loan from Yes Bank, you should know this thing! How much loan amount is Yes Bank giving you for a business loan? And if you are applying for a no business loan from Yes Bank, you should also know this! After taking a loan from this Bank, you will not have to wander anywhere else to take a loan from other banks. Now let’s talk, friends, how much the business loan amount from Yes Bank will be! Friends, on this Yes Bank Business Loan, you can get a business loan of at least ₹ 500000 and a maximum of up to ₹ 5000000!

How much interest for Yes Bank business loan?

Friends, if you are thinking of taking a yes bank business loan, you must know this! That’s how much interest you will get on the business loan amount if you take a business loan from Yes Bank! So friends, if you take a business loan from Yes Bank, you will get interested in the loan amount up to 16.25% per annum.

How much time from Yes Bank business loan?

If you are thinking of taking a yes bank business loan, the most important thing you should know is this! How much time will you get to repay the loan by taking Yes Bank Business Loan! So friends, by taking a Yes Bank loan, you can get at least six months and a maximum of 36 months to repay the loan amount! This is enough time to refund any loan amount.

What is the processing fee for taking a yes bank business loan?

Friends, if you are thinking about taking a yes bank business loan, you should do this investigation from the Bank! How much will the processing fee be charged to you on the business loan amount? You will be charged a processing fee of zero to 2% as a processing fee for taking Yes Bank Business Loan.

What is Yes Bank Business Loan Foreclosure?

Prepaying the business loan taken from Yes Bank is called foreclose. You cannot foreclose the business loan taken from Yes Bank before 12 months. If you want to foreclose the business loan amount after 12 months, you will be charged a foreclosure fee of 4% of the loan amount.

What are the documents required to take a yes bank business loan?

  • ID proof-
  • Driving license, Passport, Voter ID
  • Address proof (address proof)-
  • Aadhar card, ration card, a light bill (electricity bill)
  • Business proof-
  • PAN card, excise vat, business license
  • ITR file (up to last two years)
  • Bank statement for the last six months
  • Business certificate registered with RBI

What is the eligibility to get a business loan from Yes Bank?

  • Applicant must be a citizen of India
  • To take the yes bank business loan, the applicant’s age should be at least 25 years, up to a maximum of 65 years!
  • Applicant’s civil score should be more than 750!
  • Application should not be a defaulter of any bank!

How to apply for a business loan from Yes Bank?

  • First of all, you have to go to your nearest Yes Bank branch!
  • After visiting the Yes Bank branch, you have to get information about the business loan plans from the bank official.
  • After this, you take a loan application form from an official and fill it out appropriately!
  • After filling out the application form, attach all your documents with that form
  • And now submit that form to the Bank, after which the Bank will check the integrity of your documents!
  • Will also check your application form! If your application form is filled out incorrectly, the loan application will be rejected.
  • After you have applied for verification of documents by the Bank. If you follow all the terms and conditions of the Bank, then your loan gets approved.
  • After your yes bank business loan is approved, the loan amount is transferred to your account! You can use that loan amount later!

Yes Bank Customer Care Number

  • टोल फ्री नंबर 1800 1200

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