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Price Prediction Of Kylin Network (KYN) 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Kylin Network?

Kylin Network project built on Substrate (Polkadot) Framework that aims to build a cross-chain platform empowering data economy. Kylin will be having data infrastructure that could help different DeFi projects and Web 3.0. Kylin provides open-source API and SDK for different applications and blockchains by providing instant, reliable valid off/on-chain market data by utilizing the power of Polkadot Blockchain. The team believes Polakdot integration will solve problems like security, scalability, true interoperability and data orientation.

Network aims to extend the capabilities of off-chain data workers and provide bolster validity with decentralization of the data sources. the proposed infrastructure project will adopt a decentralized approach to ensure cost-saving solutions for data consumers and Decentralized app builders. The project team believes Decentralized Finance will be the biggest revolution in the future and in that data, the operation will be the key factor. In this growing technology problems like high-cost oracle, feeding off-chain data, bad framework, and incomplete developing toolkits cause slower development.

Kylin ecosystem serves different products that include Analytics, Data oracle, marketplace, and KYL token. under feature services like analytics tools for data warehouse, real-time data sources at low cost, data exchange, and pricing will be provided. In short, Kylin will be an all-in-one stop for data with better UI/UX, and faster & cheaper services on blockchain.

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Kylin Network Price Prediction

Month & YearKYL Price Prediction
March 2023$0.0195
April 2023$0.0290
May 2023$0.0324
June 2023$0.0343
July 2023$0.0369
August 2023$0.0274
September 2023$0.0324
October 2023$0.0356
November 2023$0.0422
December 2023$0.0430
January 2024$0.0470
March 2024$0.0502
April 2024$0.0486
July 2024$0.0566
October 2024$0.0518
January 2025$0.0576
February 2025$0.1263
March 2025$0.1298
April 2025$0.1430
May 2025$0.1451
June 2025$0.1488
July 2025$0.1663
August 2025$0.1926
September 2025$0.1756
October 2025$0.1721
November 2025$0.2013
Decemeber 2025$0.2071
January 2030$0.4449
March 2030$0.4726
May 2030$0.5310
July 2030$0.4887
September 2030$0.5631
December 2030$0.5835

Kylin Network Overview

Project nameKylin Network
Ticker SymbolKYN
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Based onPokadot
Launched year2020
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformUniswap

KYL Public Sale Overview

Platform usedPolkastarter, Balancer
Raised byNA
End Date of sale5th march 2021
PartnersShadow, Yop, Polkastarter, equilibrium, bridge, Polkamarkets, certiK foundation, Xangle, Edgeware, Bondly, SiderDAO, Paid Network, Plasmapay, Reef Finance, Deficliq, tidal,

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KYL Price Analysis

KYL is Kylin Network mainnet token that power and secure data network. Token based on ERC20 standard that can be stake in order to earn rewards. KYL token will be important medium of exchange that allow user to run query, marketplace data transaction fees and other process on platform. KYL being on polkadot ecosystem that will be following newly introduced trend of IDO. KYL whitelist originally open for 24 hours but due to higher response it was closed within 12 hours. KYL IDO price is $0.05 USD and as per telegram group admin quoted KYL Balancer LBP listing will starting at higher price.


Polkastarter continue to get attention from investor, as it added transparency and security in ICO listing. Kylin Network will be empowering decentralized finance, application by providing secure, cheaper and decentralized data system. we already have best oracle services provider like Chainlink, Band Protocol, Akash network but fixing their problem by fetching Polkadot power, Kylin may receive better response in future. Kylin has been one of the most awaited projects and it could be easily gained 100x with considering $0.05 USD base price.


How much KYL will be worth in 5 years?

Probably touching $50 USD mark

Is Kylin Network a Good Investment?

Yes, average Polkastarter IDO started project has raise by 50x, so buying at Balancer or Polkastarter sale will be great move.

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