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MXC Things You Need o Know Before Investing

MXC (Meta X Connect)

MXC (Meta X Connect) Founded in 2018 as a non-profit, is revolutionising the AI and Blockchain sectors by collaborating to create a free and decentralised global data network.

Our strong mining community and the combined strength of the broad MXC support base are the foundation of the MXC Data Network. Through the use of the M2 Pro Miner, the only Low-Power Multi-Token Miner in existence, miners collaborate to create the largest Low-Power Wide-Area Data Network in the world.

The Meta X Protocol, often known as MXProtocol, was developed by MXC and is based on the principles of Proof of Participation mining. It uses LoRaWAN technology to build a worldwide data sharing network that is used for real-world adoption. This protocol is intended to enable Web 3.0 and a variety of blended reality metaverse infrastructures, making data transmission and participation easier and more widespread.

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The utility token ($MXC) Meta X Connect enables more frequent data transfers and irregular data flows in the AI and blockchain sectors. By utilising an interchain data market and a decentralised, strong protocol, the MXProtocol ensures networks are built and connected while promoting participation through “PoP” mining (Proof of Participation). The method also enables the provisioning of any tangible smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices at a reasonable cost, providing a foundation for data suppliers and receivers to develop their own blockchain NFTs and AI that complies with GDPR.

The protocol enables companies, enterprises, and individual network users to collaborate on creating a worldwide, secure, decentralised network for their users on the MXC platform.

Any device can access the network to share, commit, or engage with data, increasing global LPWAN coverage. This creates a special value on the Blockchain, for Web 3.0, and the Metaverse. Device provisioning, tags, sensors, and smart connected devices on the network take advantage of unlimited downlink and uplink resources in the MXC LPWAN data republic without cost.

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