Playables: A New Gaming Feature for YouTube

New Gaming Feature for YouTube

It has now been made known that New Gaming Feature for YouTube, after Google Stadia, the enormous tech firm is advancing its interest in gaming by introducing a new gaming element, which the company has named “Playables,” to its video streaming platform, YouTube.

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YouTube Playables

New Gaming Feature for YouTube

According to reports, Google is developing a New Gaming Feature for YouTube, and in accordance with those reports, it is said that the company has given the game to its staff to test. Although little is known about the future gaming feature, one of the titles that will be available on the gaming platform has been disclosed. “Stack Bounce” is one of the games that can be anticipated on YouTube Playables; it’s a straightforward arcade game in which players break levels of brick with the aid of a bouncing ball.

Speaking on behalf of YouTube, Alex McQuiston said that “gaming has long been a focus at YouTube” and “we’re always experimenting with new features, but have nothing to announce right now.” However, given what is currently known, consumers will have access to New Gaming Feature for YouTube Playables on their Android or iOS devices via the YouTube app as well as on the PC via YouTube Web.

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It is important to keep in mind that this is not the first attempt of its sort; businesses like Facebook and Netflix have also included games to their platforms. Facebook also debuted the “Facebook Gaming” app, however it was later cancelled for a variety of reasons. However, both the online version of Facebook and its mobile application still provide the games. On the other side, Netflix enables customers to log in using their Netflix accounts and download complete versions of New Gaming Feature for YouTube.

Google may launch Playables via one of the techniques listed above, and when more information becomes available, we will be able to confirm more details about this new gaming feature the company will launch. Just let’s hope that YouTube Playables doesn’t suffer the same fate as Stadia and that the gaming feature lives up to the hopes of its users and the gaming community at large.


Is Google’s YouTube testing an online games offering?

According to reports, the Google-owned video-sharing network is developing an online gaming feature that might allow users to access games through the YouTube website on desktop computers or the YouTube app on iOS and Android mobile devices.

How much gaming content is on YouTube?

In the third quarter of 2022, there were over 443 thousand distinct broadcasting channels on YouTube Gaming Live, a sharp decrease from the 1.1 million channels in the second quarter of 2020.

Can gaming YouTube channel earn money?

The simplest and most popular method is to monetize your gaming channel through the YouTube Partner Programme and get income from advertising. Additionally, you may earn money by selling your own branded goods, marketing, partnering with well-known businesses, and accepting paid sponsorships.

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