Let’s Learn How To Play Checkers

This tutorial focuses on the game of checkers. The objective of checkers is to either capture all of your opponent’s pieces, known as the man, or prevent them from moving any of their pieces at all. Capture or trap someone or anything, and stop them from moving.

On a standard checkerboard, you may take an opponent’s piece and remove them if you successfully leap on their checkers. By hopping diagonally across their rivals’ pieces and removing them from the board like the piece you’re capturing, players can move fast on the other side of the board.

A player may use one of his captured pieces to crown that piece as the King once their pieces have reached the last row on the other player’s side of the board. As they move their pieces towards the opposing player’s side of the board, checkers players aim to capture each other’s pieces.

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Starting a game of checkers, the person with the black pieces moves each piece diagonally in the direction of their opponent. Then, the players take turns moving pieces in a diagonal direction toward a darker square.

On a checkerboard, only the dark squares are used for play, leaving the lighter squares unoccupied. After deciding who would play dark and light checkers, place their 12 pieces on the standard checkerboard: Checkers may only be placed on the dark squares, and each player must have three rows of four. On 32 light ones, players will position their discs (pieces).

Each participant arranges their 12 discs, occupying a total of three rows, in the square that is nearest to them in order to start a match. Each player begins the game by placing their 12 pieces in three rows on their sides at the bottom.

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Each player has a bright square on the right-hand corner of the board that is closest to them.

Once a piece is captured, it is taken off the checkerboard and put in an opponent’s possession. When you remove a captured checkerboard piece from play, it means that if an opponent’s piece is on a square that you would normally be travelling to and an empty space is diagonally behind it, your piece can move through both spaces instead of just one.

Although you can only grab one piece with each jumping, you can take multiple jumpings with a single checker. The jumping must occur diagonally. The person who first captures all the pieces in a game of checkers wins.

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