The Most Effective Glass Cannons in Pokemon VGC

Pokemon competition is a well-liked sport among both gaming and anime lovers. It fosters a sense of community while putting players’ battle tactics skills to the test. Players can participate in sanctioned competitions like the Smogon Tour, the Victory Road Circuit, and the Pokemon Video Game Championships (VGC). Players can use either offensive or defensive Pokemon during competitive bouts. Glass cannons are frequently used by offensive players when assembling their squads.

Pokemon called glass cannons to have extremely high Attack, Special Attack, and occasionally Speed stats. They run the risk of being immediately KO’d, though, as their defensive ratings deteriorate. Their name derives from the fact that they are fragile like glass but hit like a cannon.

These Pokemon perform well on teams that have a wide range of additional options. Keeping speed control is crucial to sustaining the advantage when using glass cannons. Here are the top glass cannons for Pokemon competitions.

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Sharpedo is an all-around glass cannon. It has a high Attack stat of 120 and its Sp. Atk of 95 supports that. Furthermore, its Speed Boost ability helps with its poor base Speed, enabling it to rip through its opponents. With Hydro Pump, its most robust Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB) option, players can play a dangerous game, but the reward is great if it succeeds.

Players must exercise caution when using Sharpedo, however. Its vulnerability to damage renders its skills useless with the wrong team. Players can carry a glass cannon called Sharpedo around as a covert weapon, although it struggles to take the lead. However, it possesses the offensive ability to pose a severe threat to weaker teams.



Weavile is a glass cannon that is more than adequate. It’s 120 base Attack and 125 base Sp. Atk is its most important quality. Its Dark/Ice type offers a wide range of STAB choices. It receives preference, in particular, from Ice Shard. Therefore, it is more likely to knock out weaker opponents, and it can have an advantage while facing Dragon-types, a type that is famously difficult to deal with.

Adding a solid support Pokemon to a squad enables players to make better use of Weavile and demonstrate its remarkable Speed. But due to its lack of mass and poor HP and Defense stats, it is vulnerable to passive damage from entry hazards and status ailments.

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Espeon distinguishes itself as a glass cannon from the other Eeveelutions because of its strong Sp. Atk. (130) and Speed (110). It performs effectively as a special attacker and hits faster and harder than anticipated, allowing Espeon to match the power of more recent generations. Thanks to its Psychic nature, it also has excellent type immunity, and it can utilise Calm Mind to enhance its offensive Special Moves.

It gains a small amount of recuperation ability and more time to work with Espeon thanks to Morning Sun’s move. Its Secret Power In competitive Pokemon, status-changers and hazard users are hindered by Magic Bounce’s ability to reflect non-attacking activities like stat-decreasers, status ailments, and entry hazards back onto the user.



Gengar is your typical glass cannon. Its immunity to Fighting and Normal kinds, provided by its Ghost typing, somewhat compensates for its weak defence ratings, with a Speed stat of 110 and an Sp. Atk stat of 130, it is an attacking powerhouse. Due to its ability, Levitate, which also renders it immune to damaging Ground-type techniques, isn’t deterred by many entry hazards.

With Shadow Ball and Sludge Wave at its disposal, it has strong STAB choices in its movepool. Will-O-Wisp, Taunt, and Disable are a few support abilities that provide it with a modest defensive advantage. As long as the opponent moves first, it can defeat practically any Pokemon, thanks to its excellent move coverage.



Regieleki has the highest essential Speed in Generation VIII and before (200), making its attacks almost sure to land first. Its Transistor’s ability amplifies Electric-type attacks by 50% is also powerful. As a result, its STAB moves are harmful to Water-type Pokémon like Kyogre or Lapras. Regieleki poses a threat to all Pokemon that aren’t resistant to or immune to Electric-type attacks when combined with an ally like Tapu Koko, who has the skill Electric Surge.

Although using it as an aggressive Pokemon might seem the best option, it can also play a defensive position given the correct moveset. It has surprise assistance abilities like Reflect and Light Screen to set up screens when the opportunity arises. As an alternative, players can stall opponents with moves like Protect and Thunder Wave. Having stated that, regardless of combat strategy, Regieleki’s Speed makes it an excellent pick for competitive play.

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