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Price Prediction Of 0Chain (ZCN) 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

What is 0Chain?

One of the most reliable and secure platforms for data privacy and protection is the 0Chain project. The primary driving force behind ZCN aims to establish itself as a pioneer in all data-related activities involving privacy, security, performance, and transparency. To store documents and other data, however, ZCN offers decentralized storage for a variety of developers, businesses, and enterprises.  0ChainNet is a project based on its own blockchain that is constructed with the permissionless, quicker and more scalable Golang programming language. Additionally to storage, the platform allows for sharing between people, groups, and more. Blockchain applications and IoT technologies may benefit more from off-chain and on-chain data storage capabilities.

Saswata Basu, an Indian developer, launched 0Chain in 2017. It was later listed on a trading platform in 2018 after its initial coin offering (ICO). In addition to proof of stake consensus and DDoS projection, ZCN network security utilizes Sybil’s defense. Blockchain-based multi-signature technology for business and exchanges, serverless two-factor authentication wallets, and personal security. Platform privacy is in accordance with the GDPR and CCPA, which are proposed in the UK and the USA.

The three primary products offered by 0Chain are 0Stor, 0Box, and 0Wallet. In addition, 0Star provides data protection and performance, 0Box is used for private cloud storage and sharing, and 0Wallet is a software cold wallet.

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0Chain Price Prediction

Month & YearZCN Price Prediction
March 2023$0.2410
April 2023$0.3579
May 2023$0.3993
June 2023$0.4226
July 2023$0.4550
August 2023$0.3381
September 2023$0.3993
October 2023$0.4388
November 2023$0.5198
December 2023$0.5306
January 2024$0.5791
March 2024$0.6187
April 2024$0.5989
July 2024$0.6978
October 2024$0.6385
January 2025$0.7104
February 2025$1.5575
March 2025$1.6007
April 2025$1.7625
May 2025$1.7895
June 2025$1.8345
July 2025$2.0503
August 2025$2.3740
September 2025$2.1654
October 2025$2.1222
November 2025$2.4819
Decemeber 2025$2.5539
January 2030$5.4854
March 2030$5.8272
May 2030$6.5466
July 2030$6.0250
September 2030$6.9422
December 2030$7.1940

0Chain Overview

Project name0Chain
Ticker SymbolZCN
Total Supply400,000,000
Based onData
Launched year2017
All-time high$1.26 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap, Bitfinex, IDEX, Bilaxy
WalletOwn Wallet

ZCN ICO Overview

Platform usedOwn
Raised by$39,000,000 USD
Date of ICO16 February 2018
ICO Price$1.4 USD
PartnersBee, Bitclave, BlockCentury, Oracle, Chainlink, AWS,

ZCN Price Analysis

ZCN is a 0Chain Blockchain privacy token that is supposed to be connected to data and interest. The amount of data that is saved in the network and the number of tokens that are taken or stored affect the ZCN value. On its platform, staking using ZCN tokens enables users to participate in a program and earn income. ZCN is referred to as an asset-backed token and a zero-trust asset, and the value of ZCN is founded on mathematics. ZCN has a transaction processing speed of roughly one second and is infinitely expandable.

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0Chain Price Prediction

In spite of the fact that the price graph for 0chain still appears to be highly volatile, it is still moving in a bullish direction. ZCN was selling at $0.020 USD before the beginning of 2020, and it has since increased to $1 USD, a 4900% increase. As of the right moment, everybody who bought ZCN before 2020 is profiting. Following the AWS alliance, 0chain could be used in a variety of projects, and its value would continue to rise.


There are two significant partnerships with Amazon Web Service and Oracle Services that unquestionably boost projects and raise their future worth. However, 0Chain has already demonstrated that they are excellent at protecting user privacy and data, and more users and businesses may choose to adopt 0Chain in the future. However, the difference between the ICO price and the current price was not at all encouraging, and early investors suffered losses as a result of the 2018 crypto market crisis. However, the 0Chain project has a reputation for being a simple blockchain technology to embrace, and we can only hope that it keeps becoming better in line with the market.


Will ZCN hit $10 USD?

Probably be after 2025.  

How much 0Chain will be worth in 5 years?

Expected to reach $20 USD.

Is 0Chain a Good Investment?

Being a long-standing and promising initiative in data privacy, it might experience a significant rise in demand.

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