For Rs 1,450 a month Get your Meta account verified and get these perks

The cost of a Meta account verified blue tick and its benefits weren’t as obvious back then. This time, Meta has made it possible for users to pay $ 14.99 per month in the US to have their Meta profiles (Facebook and Instagram) confirmed with a blue tick.

According to reports, Meta confirmed will cost Rs 1,099 per month for online subscriptions and Rs 1,450 per month for mobile devices. Users who want their Facebook and Instagram profiles confirmed right now must sign up for the waiting list. The test version of the Meta account verified is presently active.

For companies and users under the age of 18, the Mera verified is not accessible, in contrast to Twitter. Users who are at least 18 years old and have either a public or private account on Facebook or Instagram can have their account confirmed. As a simple form of identification, they merely need a government Card with a corresponding name and photo.

The first benefit of having a confirmed Meta account verified is improved authentication, if we are talking about benefits for users. Your fans will know that this is actually your account thanks to the improved verification.

Active surveillance and preventative security will guard against fraud. Direct assistance from the team whenever you encounter a problem and wider distribution of your remarks and articles. Users who have been verified will also have access to special stars and badges.


Is Meta account verified available in India?

The membership cost has been disclosed, and Meta appears to have started a waiting list for Indian customers. For Rs. 1,450 per month on mobile and Rs. 1,099 for access to Facebook and Instagram on the web, Indian users can join to Meta Verified, according to a source.

Who is eligible for Meta account verified?

You must reflect a genuine individual person, not a business or brand, on your account in order to be considered for Meta Certified. The minimum age requirement is 18. Living in Australia, New Zealand, or the United States is a requirement.

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