For Single Americans Heartbreaking Truth: Renters pay a ‘singles tax’ of up to $19,500 — here’s how to feel financially secure if you live alone

The single life “singles tax” is a source of pride for many in this age of self-love and independence, but it could hurt you financially.

American singles are paying disproportionately more to live alone than their partnered counterparts due to a shrinking rental market and rising rents.

This “singles tax” may be quantified in two ways: the annual increase in rent-paying costs for a single individual compared to a couple, and the “couples discount”—the cost savings that arise from dividing expenses like rent and groceries—between a couple.

According to Zillow, couples who cohabitate save $14,000 on average compared to renters who live alone singles tax.

However, certain areas are more costly to live in than others. For example, data from StreetEasy shows that singles tax in New York City may spend up to $19,500 more year than those sharing a one-bedroom flat with a partner.

The unpleasant reality is the same no matter where you call home: Your freedom ends up costing you more. However, there is still hope if you want to rent a property by yourself. It all comes down to controlling your funds well.

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Reduce the cost of your debts

If you have to pay the singles tax, the last thing you need is more debt. It’s crucial to pay off your high-interest bills as soon as you can in order to safeguard your savings and efficiently manage your money.

With Credible*, a free online tool that makes refinancing quick and incredibly easy, you may combine your obligations into one monthly payment rather than handling several payments at the end of the month.

Here’s how it functions: You will take out a new loan, pay off all of your current obligations with it, then begin making monthly payments on the new loan, which will have a reduced interest rate or monthly payment. In the end, you’ll be able to pay off your debt more quickly and avoid paying a significant amount in interest singles tax.

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Lower the cost of your essential expenses

Making sure you’re receiving the greatest deal on necessary costs, like insurance, is another wise strategy to reduce your monthly spending singles tax.

Market prices for homeowner’s insurance and auto insurance fluctuate often, so if you haven’t lately compared rates, you’re definitely overpaying.

With the help of SmartFinancial*, you can quickly compare the rates offered by various insurance providers in your region.

To register, all you need to do is respond to a few brief questions* about your age, where you live, what kind of car you drive, and your driving history.

Additionally, SmartFinancial will locate any discounts for which you could be qualified. By just using your seatbelt, for instance, you might be able to reduce the cost of your auto insurance singles tax.

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Build an emergency fund by investing your spare change

Once your monthly expenses are under control, you should make sure you have an emergency fund set up. This will ensure that you have enough money to handle any unforeseen expenses without having to take money away from your budgeted amount for rent and other vital expenses.

Saving money for unforeseen expenses isn’t always simple, especially when the singles tax is in the mix. However, there are programmes like Acorns* that may assist you in saving money in a method that won’t significantly affect your bank account.

There are two approaches to this. You may set up regular investments (as low as $5) into an emergency fund using the banking service* provided by Acorns if you decide that it makes sense to divert a tiny percentage of your monthly income into savings. Acorns will even offer you a $10 bonus just for joining up*, so that’s little more than the price of a cappuccino.

Or, if you’d prefer an even more covert savings method, Acorns also provides a completely automatic, hands-free micro-investing service. The Acorns app will round up every purchase you make to the next dollar and invest the leftover change into a diverse portfolio once you’ve created an account and attached a card. The money you weren’t even aware you were saving will soon have turned into a small nest egg.


What is the single tax system?

A single tax is a taxation system that is based mostly or only on one tax. This tax is often chosen because of its unique characteristics, and it is frequently a tax on land value. John Locke and Baruch Spinoza independently advocated a single tax on land prices in the 17th century.

Who pays the most taxes in the USA?

According to the Tax Foundation, the highest-earning Americans pay the most in combined federal, state, and local taxes. The richest quintile, or those making $130,001 or more yearly, paid $3.23 trillion in taxes as a group, while the poorest quintile, or those making less than $25,000, paid $142 billion.

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