World’s Top 10 Biggest Tech Company

Economic expansion is based on Tech Company progress, and virtually every industry has a need for cutting-edge digital infrastructures. The tech industry’s revenue is anticipated to rise even though the start of COVID-19 momentarily interrupted a pattern of expansion in 2020.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) projects that by the end of 2022, the global Tech Company sector’s total sales will have surpassed $5.3 trillion. Although there are several indicators, like market share and research efforts, to measure firm influence, this ranking is based on revenue. Discover how the biggest tech businesses in the world have influenced the tech industry by looking through this list. world’s largest IT companies


Computers, tablets, and smartphones are just a few of the hardware and software items that Apple, Inc., a worldwide Tech Company, makes and produces. Apple’s inventory has expanded over the past ten years to also encompass streaming, licencing, and digital cloud storage.

The iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods, and Apple TV are just a few of Apple’s ground-breaking devices that have become mainstays in the digital industry. Apple claimed 51% of the North American smartphone market share as of 2022. Apple made $294 billion in revenue in 2021.


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A conglomerate holding corporation called Alphabet, Inc. manages a variety of subsidiaries, including extremely successful IT firms like Google, Android, and Google products like Chrome, Maps, Gmail, and Youtube. Alphabet predicted a 2021 revenue of $182.4 billion and 156,500 people worldwide. The business was ranked #11 on Forbes’ Global 2000 list as of 2022.

Samsung Group

Samsung Electronics Co. produces a wide variety of electronics, including:

  • Computer peripherals
  • Mobile communications products
  • Cable televisions
  • Household appliances
  • Cameras
  • Medical devices
  • Device solutions for businesses.

Samsung earned $244.2 billion in revenue and dominated 27% of the North American smartphone market as of 2021. The business was also placed #1 on Forbes’ lists of the World’s Best Employers in 2021 and the Global 2000 in 2022.

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.

The world’s largest manufacturer of electronics is Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. According to the Fortune Global 500 rankings for 2021, Hon Hai had a revenue of $206 billion and was placed number 22.

This Taiwanese business offers hardware manufacturing services such as handset production, cable production, PC assembly, and connection fabrication. Consumer electronics, including more specialised Tech Company like AI, nanotechnology, and semiconductors, depend on these services to be produced.


Microsoft creates a range of innovative products, including commercial services, software, and hardware. The firm creates gadgets such personal computers, gaming consoles, and tablets, productivity and business services like communication platforms and business solution programmes, as well as cloud services and server hardware.

In 2021, this significant business earned $184.9 billion in revenue. Microsoft was placed #3 on Forbes’ lists of the World’s Most Valuable Brands and the World’s Best Employers in the same year.

Meta Platforms

The parent business of a variety of well-known social networking and social media platforms, such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, is called Meta Platforms. Some of the company’s more well-known platforms have become well-known cultural phenomena; Facebook, the most popular social media network in the world, has about 3 billion monthly users, while Instagram has about 1.2 billion. Nearly $118 billion was generated by Meta Platforms in 2021, mostly from advertising.

Dell Technologies

Dell Tech Company, Inc. produces hardware and software systems. This holding company operates through three main segments:

  • Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG) produces networking solutions, servers, and storage infrastructures
  • Client Solutions Group (CSG) produces consumer technologies like desktops and notebooks
  • VMware segment, which produces computing products like cloud management tools and security systems

Dell earned $106.8 billion in sales in 2021, placing seventh on Forbes’ ranking of the World’s Best Employers.

Tencent Holding Ltd.

In 2019 Forbes’ Top 100 Digital Companies placed Tencent Holding Ltd. at #15; in 2022 Forbes’ Global 2000 put Tencent Holding Ltd. at #28. The firm offers the following to the Tech Company industry:

  • Digital marketing
  • Performance-based advertising
  • Corporate communications
  • Software development services

Additionally, this corporation creates cloud computing services, video games, mobile apps, and leisure goods for both commercial clients and individual consumers. More than a billion people utilise Tencent’s goods and services globally.

Intel Corporation

The company Intel Corp. creates and produces electronics, software, computer hardware, and networking services. The segments into which its operations are split include:

  • Client Computing Group (CCG)
  • Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group (NSG)
  • Programmable Solutions Group (PSG)

Intel’s major products include:

  • Consumer electronics like desktops and smartphones
  • Communication infrastructure
  • Embedded applications
  • Programmable semiconductors

These developments cater to healthcare, manufacturing, government, and energy markets.


International Business Machines Corp., better known as IBM, creates business-oriented information technology products like application management tools, secure cloud software, data solutions, and artificial intelligence (AI) tools. It also provides financing and consulting services for the Tech Company.

With about 345,000 people working for it globally, IBM is a top corporation for research and development and one of the biggest employers in the Tech Company.

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