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10 Real Money-Earning Apps In India

Real Money-Earning Apps

Real Money-Earning Apps are currently quite popular, and there are many different methods to make money. There are several money-making applications that you may use in India to get a consistent income. By being knowledgeable about the many earning applications that are offered in India and how they operate, you may select the finest choice for you and begin earning some extra money. So be sure to go through the list of Indian applications that really pay you to use them if you’re seeking for methods to enhance your income.

1. EarnKaro

Real Money-Earning Apps

The simplest Real Money-Earning Apps online is EarnKaro. It is the finest app for students, housewives, or part-timers to make money in India. To join EarnKaro, you don’t need to make any past investments. By looking for discounts on well-known products and sharing them with your loved ones, you may start to make money. You may advertise well-known stores like Flipkart here.Adidas, Myntra, Ajio, Mama Earth, and several more. You will receive a commission for each sale made through your affiliate link.

EarnKaro App Insights:

Launched In2015
Requires Android Version5.1 and up

2. TaskBucks

Want to take quizzes and be paid? The TaskBucks app is what you need if so. You may Real Money-Earning Apps coins by taking quizzes and playing games in this app. You may later exchange these coins for cash. Simple jobs, competitions, and free recharge prizes are all available. By recommending the app to others in your network, you may also make money. You may win free talk time with Taskbucks as well. Each day, you may Real Money-Earning Apps about 10,000 coins.

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TaskBucks App Insights:

Launched In2014
Requires Android Version5.0 and up

3. Swagbucks

With the aid of Swagbucks, Real Money-Earning Apps gift cards or cash by learning about new goods and content, participating in surveys, purchasing at your favourite stores, and displaying supermarket receipts. It is one of the most well-known programmes for making money online. Users redeem more than 10,000 gift cards daily. You may download the app and receive a $10 welcome bonus for doing so.

Swagbucks App Insights

Launched In2013
Requires IOS VersionRequires iOS 13.1
Requires Android Version9 and up

4. Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan enables you to make money simply by using the app frequently. This implies that you may get money by reading the news, solving crossword puzzles, browsing websites, and checking daily horoscopes. Additionally, you may win money by playing games that are free. Everyone who signs up will receive $50. You may make $300 by completing the “given instant cash tasks” and withdrawing it in two days Real Money-Earning Apps.

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Roz Dhan App Insights:

Launched In2018

4. Cointiply

You may add Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to your wallet with Cointiply. You may Real Money-Earning Apps by completing daily surveys, participating in entertaining activities, watching movies and PTC advertisements, and chit-chatting with others. You may later transform it into a wallet for bitcoin, doge, ltc, or dash. Also available are loyalty incentives, which may double your benefits. Additionally, gifts, currency boosters, and bonus days occur often.

Cointiply App Insights:

Launched In2020
Requires Android Version5.0 and up

5. Current Rewards

You may listen to music from your favourite artists and radio stations while Real Money-Earning Apps as a Current Rewards member. You may try out free games and applications, do surveys, and watch short videos to increase your earnings. By recommending the applications to your friends, you may also receive cashback on purchases and profits. It is predicted that using Current rewards will allow you to make about $600 annually.

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Current Rewards App Insights:

Launched In2018
Requires IOS VersioniOS 11.4 or later
Requires Android Version5.0 and up

6. Pocket Money

You may Real Money-Earning Apps with pocket money by locating well-liked and lucrative offers, doing chores, viewing films, and participating in tombola. Millions of their consumers have taken advantage of free cellphone recharges worth millions thanks to them. The app’s creators claim that staying active on the app may reward you 7000. If you want to pay for your bills, cinema tickets, and cab trips, Pocket Money is a wonderful tool to use Real Money-Earning Apps.

Pocket Money App Insights:

Launched In2014
Requires IOS VersioniOS 9.0 or later
Requires Android Version6.0 and up

8. The Panel Station

If you enjoy doing surveys, Panel Station is a great way to Real Money-Earning Apps. Government agencies, local governments, businesses, and private citizens all submit surveys. As a result, you don’t need to be concerned about the payoff Real Money-Earning Apps. The average survey duration is between 30 and 10 minutes. You will be paid more the longer the survey is. When you respond to these surveys, companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm get vital information about their consumers. So, you’re getting compensated.

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The Panel Station App Insights:

Launched In2014
Requires IOS Version iOS 12.0
Requires Android Version5.0 and up

9. Google Opinion Rewards 

It may appear fraudulent to make money through surveys, but it is not. Certainly not in the case of Google. You may download “Google Opinion Rewards” from the Play Store to start Real Money-Earning Apps. The next step is for Google to ask you a few questions about yourself. Once you submit the form, Google will contact you with a few surveys each month. You’ll receive notification of the same. One dollar will be added to your Play Store account when you complete a survey.

Google Opinion Rewards  App Insights:

Launched In2017
Requires IOS VersioniOS 14.0 or later
Requires Android Version5.0 and up

10. Streetbees

The intelligence platform Streetbees uses AI and is based on consumer surveys and reviews. Join the platform and begin participating in the surveys that the Real Money-Earning Apps. You have the choice to post your everyday activities via chat as well. The developers want you to provide the most thorough description of your activity, including with images and videos. For short polls lasting 3 to 4 minutes, the typical reward Real Money-Earning Apps is approximately Rs. 8 to 10, whereas lengthier surveys lasting 6 to 10 minutes can pay up to Rs. 50 each survey. The business processes this data using AI to produce useful insights for businesses like Unilever, Carlsberg, Sony, and many more.

Streetbees App Insights:

Launched In2015
Requires IOS VersioniOS 13.0 or later
Requires Android Version6.0 and up

Additionally, if you’re searching for a secure rummy app to use, be sure to check out our list of the best rummy apps in India, which are secure and allow you to make money with no risk of loss. Please have a look, and if you find it useful, let us know.


In short, It need not be dull to make money. These applications enable you to carry out activities you enjoy, such as music listening, shopping for others, and playing games for cash. You may begin making money right away with the use of an android or an iOS smartphone.

Additionally, did you know that trading applications may be used to make money? For the best trading applications to make money in India, see our list.


Which app gives you real money?

You may make real money with a variety of applications, including EarnKaro, Google Opinion Rewards, TaskBucks, App Trailer, and Swagbucks.

Which is the best earning app for students in India?

EarnKaro is among the top earning applications for students in India. To join EarnKaro, you don’t need to make any past investments. Simply download the app and register at no cost. With more than 150 brands, including Myntra, Flipkart, Ajio, Mamaearth, WOW, and many more, you may join EarnKaro as an affiliate. You may make up to 30,000 rupees or possibly more with EarnKaro, depending on the sales generated by your affiliate connections.

How can Indian students earn money?

Affiliate marketing, freelancing, blogging, surveys, online teaching, becoming social media influencers, and virtual event management are all ways that Indian students may make money.

Are money-earning apps legit?

Yes. Apps that make money are legitimate. Additionally, there are now laws in place that forbid the use of such applications for side hustles.

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