Learn How to Make Paper in Minecraft

You can have Make Paper in Minecraft

Maps, books, and other practical goods can only be Make Paper in Minecraft if you know how to produce paper. A crafting table and some sugar cane are all you really need, thankfully.

How to Make Paper in Minecraft

Here are the steps for crafting Paper in Minecraft:

  1. Make a Crafting Table. Use 4 Wood Planks of any type (Oak Wood Planks, Jungle Wood Planks, etc.).
  2. Collect 3 Sugar Cane. Sugar Cane grows in stalks near water in most biomes.
  3. Place your Crafting Table on the ground and interact with it to open the 3X3 crafting grid.
  4. Place 3 Sugar Cane in the middle row to make 3 Paper. Don’t forget to drag the Paper into your inventory.

Uses for Make Paper in Minecraft

Paper can be combined with other materials to craft several items. Here’s everything you can do with paper:

  • Draw a map. To create an empty locator map, place a compass in the centre of the crafting table and 8 papers in the remaining boxes. Make a rough drawing of your surroundings using the map. Additionally, you may make flags out of paper and alter your map using a cartography table.
  • Build fireworks. Make fireworks rockets by combining paper and gunpowder. To make eye-catching displays or to help you fly with the Elytra, include Firework Stars.
  • Emerald Trade Paper. Villagers who work as librarians will trade your Paper for Emeralds, which may then be used to buy rare goods.
  • Create Magical Books. Open a crafting table, place 1 paper in the centre of the second row, 2 papers in the first and second boxes of the top row, and 1 leather in the centre of the bottom row to create a book. A book’s enchantment can be transmitted to other objects via an enchantment table.


What is Paper Minecraft?

Developed by fans, Paper Minecraft is a web browser game. It is a side-scrolling, two-dimensional reimagining of the original Minecraft game.

Can you make Paper in Minecraft without Sugar Cane?

No. Start a garden by sowing sugar cane on sand or soil adjacent to water in a well-lit area if you require a lot of paper. Leave the bottom block of your sugar cane after you harvest it so that it will continue to grow.

Can you write on Paper in Minecraft?

Yes. Use a Book, a Feather, and an Ink Sac to create a Book and Quill. Use it to create notes in Minecraft after equipping it.

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