How To Get an Indian bank gold loan

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What is an Indian bank gold loan?

Friends, an Indian bank gives a very good facility for a gold loan. Indian bank gives you a loan on gold loan at an attractive interest rate. And this bank provides Gold Loan with very few documents and a simple process. It is a trusted bank that is registered with RBI NBFS. You can easily take a loan from this bank, and this bank loan provides you with the loan according to your need.

Indian bank gold loan gives how much amount?

Indian bank gold loan can give you a loan according to your need. This bank gives you a gold loan up to Rs 7500000

How much loan amount does Indian Bank Gold Loan give on one gram?

Indian bank gives you a loan of a minimum of 3507 and a maximum of up to Rs 4650 on a gold loan of 1 gram. Which gives a good loan amount as compared to many banks

How much interest does an Indian bank charge on a gold loan?

If you are taking a gold loan from any bank, you should do a thorough investigation first! How much interest will the bank from which you are taking the gold loan charge you? So now we talk about taking a gold loan from Indian Bank. You will get interested up to 7% per annum.

What is the processing fee for taking an Indian bank gold loan?

Before taking a bank gold loan, you should know from which bank you are taking a gold loan. How much will he charge you the loan processing fee Friends, on taking an Indian bank gold loan, you will get the loan processing fee of 0.23% of the loan amount

How much time Indian bank gold loan?

If you take an Indian bank gold loan, you should know this! How much time will you get to repay the loan amount you took? By taking a loan from this bank, you will get at least 6 months and a maximum of 36 months. At this time, you can repay the loan amount very easily.

What should be the eligibility criteria for an Indian bank gold loan?

  • Applicant’s age should be between 21 years to 75 years.
  • Applicant’s CIBIL score should be more than 500.
  • Applicant must be Indian.
  • The gold on which the application is taking loan should be 18 to 22-carat pure gold

What are the documents required to take an Indian bank gold loan?

  • ID Proof (Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Passport)
  • Address Proof (Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Ration Card, Electricity Bill, Voter ID)
  • Three passport size photographs

How to apply for Indian Bank Gold Loan online?

  • First, you go to the official website of Indian Bank and open
  • After this, go to the select loan option, select Indian bank gold loan, and submit your basic information.
  • After this process, fill in the loan amount on how many grams you want to take a loan.
  • After that, upload the documents which the bank asks for.
  • Now, later, your application goes under review, and after verification, your loan is approved
  • Loan approval information is given to you by the bank.
  • And the loan amount is transferred to your account.

How to apply offline/bank to get gold from Indian Bank?

  • First, you have to go to the nearest bank branch and learn about the bank official’s gold loan scheme.
  • After this, take the application form from the bank and fill the application thoroughly
  • After filling the application form properly, you have to attach all your documents with the form Then, later, apply to the bank.
  • After verifying your documents, you will be eligible for the loan, and then the loan is approved.
  • Loan approval is communicated to the bank, and the Indian bank gold loan is transferred to your bank account.

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