Call of Duty Zombies Player Discovers Weird Trick Using Paralyzer Wonder Weapon from Buried

Fans of Call of Duty Zombies may have thoroughly combed through each map in search of hints and secrets, but one of them recently discovered a little-known tip in the Black Ops 2 map Buried. For Call of Duty Zombies aficionados interested in repeating this strategy, they will need to get their hands on the Paralyzer Wonder Weapon.

Over the years, Call of Duty Zombies has featured a number of distinctive Wonder Weapons, but the Paralyzer is one of the most inventive. The weapon is a high round powerhouse with unlimited ammo, and if the player jumps while shooting the ground, they can fly around the map.

While the gun’s primary function is to kill the undead by slowing them to the point of death, fans have enjoyed using the Paralyzer’s flight abilities, and it turns out there are still more things you can do with it.

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The trick in question was showcased by Reddit user Shadowassassin14, and it sees the player holed up in the most effective camping spot on Buried: the Juggernog alley. As Shadowassassin14 waits for their Paralyzer to recharge, they advise their teammate to get ready. They back up to the perk machine once the gun is ready to fire and give their teammate the go-ahead to dolphin dive as the paralyzer is being fired. Funny enough, this helps their ally advance, and when they touch down, they explode.

The Redditor’s teammate being launched is the truly entertaining aspect of the video, even though the explosion is brought on by the PhD Flopper persistent perk. The headline of the post asked the rest of the Call of Duty Zombies community whether they knew if this was feasible, and a large majority of commenters noted that this was the first time they ever saw the Paralyzer utilised in such a way.

It was clear that Shadowassassin14 was blown away by this mechanic, as they let out a high-pitched, ecstatic “yo.”

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While players might theoretically utilize this Paralyzer method to cause PhD Flopper explosions without jumping off a high up region, its actual application will be highly limited. Instead, this trick will likely be treated as another way to mess around and kill some time between rounds, though that does not make it any less satisfying.

Despite the fact that Buried has been a favourite among Zombies fans for more than nine years, owing to this Redditor’s discovery, many players learnt something new about the map, which explains the 1600 upvotes the film has garnered.

The only steps necessary for those attempting to duplicate these absurd Paralyzer launches should be to load up a match with a friend and hit the Mystery Box to obtain the Wonder Weapon.

This entertaining trick may not revolutionise the way gamers approach their matches of Buried, but the Call of Duty Zombies community has definitely appreciated learning something new about the iconic map.

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