Everything You Need To Know About Rainbow Six Mobile’s Beta Test

The best way to define the Rainbow Six franchise is probably as a mixed bag. The Rainbow Six series has undergone significant change over the past 20 years, even though its first game had a novel premise for the time and focused on tactical, squad-based gameplay with a realistic tone. Until the release of Rainbow Six Siege, the Rainbow Six franchise has remained one of Ubisoft’s lesser-known franchises, despite a few well-received games on the Xbox 360.

Since its popularity has only increased in recent years, Rainbow Six Mobile, a mobile adaptation of the game, has become possible.

With its hero-based gameplay and revolutionary multiplayer-only design, Rainbow Six Siege revolutionized the brand, immediately rising to the top of the series and serving as a gateway title for many newcomers. Siege has emerged as one of the most well-liked online competitive shooters in recent years. Ubisoft’s desire to further capitalize on Siege’s success follows naturally from this.

Designed to bring the Siege experience to mobile devices in a smooth, efficient manner, Rainbow Six Mobile’s closed beta will launch on September 12 for anyone who wants to give it a shot.

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Everything To Know About Rainbow Six Mobile’s Beta

The Rainbow Six Mobile test will start on September 12, as was just announced during the Ubisoft Forward Showcase. However, the beta will only be accessible to Android users, even though Rainbow Six Mobile will eventually be released for iOS and Android smartphones. Similar to that, only residents of a select number of designated regions will be able to access the Rainbow Six Mobile beta.

The US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, India, and the Philippines are among these regions. Sadly, participants from the UK and Europe will not be able to participate in the current test. However, Ubisoft has promised to hold a European beta closer to the game’s release.

Players must sign up and receive an invitation to the beta to participate in the current Rainbow Six Mobile beta. Players who wish to do that should visit the Google Play Store and click the pre-registration option. The game should after that be accessible to those accepted on September 12.

Although this is Rainbow Six Mobile’s first extensive beta, there have been other test phases. Operators, game modes, and maps have all been added to the game with each test phase. This pattern is expected to continue with the Rainbow Six Mobile beta.

The Rainbow Six Mobile beta is adding the Clubhouse map and a staggering 16 Operators, including fan favorites like Ash, Sledge, and Thermite, to the game, in addition to the already-present Bank and Border maps the Bomb and Secure Area game types.

In addition, a combat pass is being added to Rainbow Six Mobile for the first time, and it will be free for everyone participating in the test. Players can provide feedback on how rewarding the mechanics feel in their current state and what might need to be changed before Rainbow Six Mobile’s eventual release, which is still pending, during this battle pass, which is designed to test how the game’s cosmetics and progression systems will work in the game.

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