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Price Of MRF share in 1990 to 2023 – Best post on MRF history

The sixth-biggest producer of tyres worldwide, MRF share, or “Madras Rubber Factory,” is the largest tyre company in India. They are well-known due to the rubber content of their tyres. Many people look for the MRF share price in 1990 using the highly popular google search “MRF share price in 1990” to discover where it all began. People look for it because of a popular online movie about a grandfather whose 1990 purchase of 20,000 MRF shares has grown to over 1 billion.

The high share price of MRF, one of the most expensive shares on the Indian Stock Market, is another major factor in the company’s continued prominence.

You may view the price history of MRF shares in India from 1990 to the present (2023) in this post.

MRF share price history 1990 to 2023

YearsMRF share price 1990 to 2023 In Rs. (yearly average)

There is no data published by MRF(INDIA) or any other source that can clearly depict MRF share price in 1990, thus all of the MRF share price history from 1990 to 2022 that was previously mentioned is approximate and not 100% accurate. Here is the current 2022 MRF share price.

MRF share price in 2023

In 2023, While the above screenshot was taken at that time MRF’s share price was 72,064 Indian rupees.

  • The 52-week high for MRF share is 87,550 INR.
  • The 52-week low for MRF share is 63,000 INR.
  • The dividend Yield is 0.15% for MRF shares.

MRF Share Price in 2020

YearMRF share price in 2020
2020Around 81,000 INR

The share price of MRF was around 81,000 Indian rupees in 2020. Due to COVID19, the price of this share fell to 50,000INR in 2020.

MRF Share Price in 1990

YearMRF share price in 1990
1990Around 5 INR

In 1990, MRF’s stock traded for about 5 INR. This investment has so far generated a return of more than 1000%. People who made investments in MRF in 1990 made a lot of money, and they are today quite wealthy. Since 1990, some investors have continued to keep MRF shares because they have faith in the business’s fundamentals. Grandfather purchased over 20,000 shares of MRF when its share price was about 5 rupees in 1990; today, it is worth over 1 billion.

MRF share price in 1993

YearMRF share price in 1993
199311 INR

MRF share price in `1993

MRF share price in 1993 was rupees 11 approximately. Now MRF today’s price is over 66,000 INR which is over 6,00,000% in 28 years.

MRF Share Price in 1995

YearMRF share price in 1995
1995Rs 1546

In 1995, MRF share price was trading around 1546 Indian rupees, which was recordable growth in 5 years.

MRF Share Price in 1980

YearMRF share price in 1980
1980Rs 0 (Not traded on BSE)


In the last piece, we spoke about the price of MRF shares in 1990, which was roughly 5 INR, as well as in other years like 2022 and 2020. Additionally, in order to wrap up this piece, we’d want to share the following information with you:

  • Company Founder: K. M. Mammen Mappillai
  • Company age: 76 years, founded in 1946
  • Headquarters: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Main Products: Tyres, Toys, Sports equipment, Conveyor belt, Paints, Coats
  • Service area: Worldwide

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Why MRF Share Price is So High?

There are fewer shares available, which is the sole cause of the high price. Additionally, the corporation has never split shares, which involves dividing a single share into many shares. Would you like to learn more about why the price of MRF stock is so high?

Who holds most of MRF shares?

A hedge fund called MOVI Pvt Ltd., which owns around 12% of MRF shares, is the largest stakeholder in the firm. The remaining shares are held by the general public.

Can I Buy 1 Share of MRF?

It is true that anyone with a trading account is always free to purchase, hold, and sell MRF shares. The primary problem with buying only one share is that you could have to pay hefty brokerage fees. strongly advises you to weigh your risks before buying just one share.

Will MRF Touch 100000?

Well, on February 10, 2021, the MRF share was trading for about 97,000 INR in India when COVID19 was announced, causing the whole Indian Stock Market to plummet. After a rough start, the market is currently steadily recovering, therefore you can see MRF share prices topping 100,000 in India in the future.

Is Investing in MRF stock Good?

Yes, as per past records, MRF stock has given tremendous returns to its shareholders. In MRF share, Mostly those shareholders are in profit who holds the stock for a very long time for example 1990 to 2022. and if you do day trading then still you can make money from MRF stock if you know how to read charts.

Which is the Costliest Share in India?

One and only till now MRF (Madras Rubber Factory). its price started in single digits and now its price is in 5 digits.

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