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45 Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs Online

Several mothers leave the workforce just to raise their kids. But, if you want to rejoin the workforce and earn some money while staying at home with kids, then work from home is the best option for you. Here is some of the legit stay at home mom jobs list for you:

1. Start a Blog

This is an excellent profession for mothers, although building a successful blog is not easy. It is very demanding but profitable as well. There are many publications or online resources that are interested in parenting topics; hence you can also start a blog on parenting tips, experience, etc.

How to Become a Blogger in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Choose your blog name and get your blog hosting.
  2. Start your blog by adding WordPress.
  3. Pick a simple theme to make your blog your own.
  4. Add two key blogging plugins to find your readers and track stats.
  5. Write compelling content to create a blog that your readers love.

2. Affiliate Marketing

To participate in an affiliate marketing program, you’ll need to take these five simple steps:

  1. Find and join an affiliate program
  2. Choose which offers to promote
  3. Obtain a unique affiliate link for each offer
  4. Share those links on your blog, social media platforms, or website
  5. Collect a commission anytime someone uses your links to make a purchase

Commission rates vary dramatically, depending on the company and the offer. On the low end, you’ll earn about 5% of the sale but, with some arrangements, you can earn as much as 50%, usually when promoting a class or event. There are also affiliate marketing programs that provide a flat rate per sale instead of a percentage.

3. Customer Service Representative

Most duties performed by customer service agents can be done from a home office using the internet to connect to communications tools. Customer service professionals serve as the first point of contact for customers. They provide information or answer questions about products or services and handle and resolve complaints to provide a positive customer service experience.

4. Data entry specialist

Data entry jobs are a great way to use your computer literacy, attention to detail, accuracy, and keyboarding skills to establish a great work-from-home career.

5. Proofreader

Proofreading remote, part-time, freelance from home, and flexible jobs. Proofreading is a career that is perfect for those who have a good eye for detail, grammar and spelling. Proofreaders review, edit and make changes to written work before it is published. Proofreaders may also do some of their own writing or be asked to supervise other writers with planning the content for print publications, websites or technical materials. Many proofreaders work independently in contract and freelance jobs. Common job titles for proofreading work are editing, quality assurance evaluator, book reviewer, copy editor, content editor, copywriter, and writer.

6. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants typically provide support to companies, agencies, or individuals by handling customer service, accounting, scheduling, word processing, administrative tasks, data entry, and more

7. Petsitter

Love being around dogs and cats and would like to make a little extra money doing what you love? Pet parents all over the world are desperate for help with their pets when they can’t spend as much time with them as they would like or when they are off on a pet-free vacation. In 2015 in the United States alone, pet parents spent USD 5.41 billion on pet services like pet sitting and grooming

8. Online Tutor

Thanks to modern technology, students of all ages can use the Internet to connect with tutors in the comfort of their own homes. Although online tutoring can mean a variety of different things, it is basically providing one-on-one learning support for students over the Internet.

9. Transcribe

Want to enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere? Work from home as a transcriptionist with Rev. Freelancers at Rev are detail-oriented people who follow Rev’s styling rules to accurately type and correct draft transcripts. To get started, you’ll need strong English skills, a computer, and a dependable Internet connection.

10. Clean Houses

The global work-from-home movement intended to maintain output and efficiency.

 “We are home working alongside our kids, in unsuitable spaces, with no choice and no in-office days,” says Bloom, a senior fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR). “This will create a productivity disaster for firms.”

11. Graphic designer

Being a graphic designer comes with the fortunate opportunity to work from home or wherever you want in the world. As a graphic designer part of your role is to bring together ideas and create visual graphics to communicate those concepts. As technology continues to advance and the industry becomes more progressive, there are tools that enable graphic designers to truly work from home no matter the distance between the client and you. In this article we’ll go over why graphic designers can work from home, what companies have made the switch, where to look for remote jobs, and tools you can use to make working from home a breeze.

12. Become a travel agent

Did you know you can start a home-based business as a Dream Vacations franchise owner? If you are wondering whether a travel agent career is still relevant with all the technology available these days, the answer is yes!

Sure, anyone can get online and book a flight or a couple-night hotel room, but travel agents can provide unbiased travel expertise you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Plus, the right travel agent will have exclusive offers, promotions, and incentives you wouldn’t have access to when booking on your own. We have a saying, the internet is for looking, a travel agent is for booking.

13. Baby Equipment rental business

Just as it sounds, this work from home business idea is pretty simple – you lend baby items to people who need them. Parents who are traveling, babysitters in the area, and even small businesses may want to rent supplies anywhere from a day to several days or weeks. 

You’ll charge a rental fee and list your things online, so people will know which items you have. There is a little more work involved, and you may need to transport gear to renters and pick them up.

14. Interior Designer

Work-from-home, a term which was once limited only to freelancers, has become a major buzzword for business continuity over the last year.

She recommends personalising the workstation just like many people do in the office. Infuse some colour through the use of curtains or blinds, and lampshades. Being surrounded by greenery, with the help of potted plants, can also help create a positive vibe, according to both the interior designers. 

15.  Dance Tutor.

By training at home, you get more privacy, more freedom, a huge selection of quality classes, and so much more. Platforms like Zoom and Instagram Live have made online dance classes more accessible to all, but they’ve also lowered the barrier of entry for new instructors.

You might feel like you’ve struck gold after seeing your favorite choreographer announce a Zoom class, but if they don’t have much teaching experience, you’ll still have trouble picking up their moves.

16. Drop Shipping

Bootstrapping and investing sweat equity to build your business is our recommended approach, especially for first-time dropshipping entrepreneurs. We favor this approach over investing a large sum of money for numerous reasons:

You’ll learn how the business operates inside and out, which will be crucial for managing others as your business grows and scales

  • allowing you to make betteYou’ll intimately know your customers and market, allowing you to make better decisions
  • You’ll be less likely to spend large sums on vanity projects that aren’t critical to success
  • You’ll develop several new skills that will make you a better entrepreneur

17. Flip flea market finds

Flea market flipping is the art of finding items that no one else sees value in and selling them for a profit. Turning someone’s trash into your treasure, if you will.

It’s a simple concept, spend as little as possible and sell at the highest price to earn money. It doesn’t sound like a lucrative business at first glance but do not be deceived by that explanation.

18. Web Designer

A web designer builds, or designs, all the elements of a website. They choose and create the visual aspects of a website, such as graphics, font, colors and layout. They are responsible for making websites aesthetically appealing as well as functional and user-friendly.

Web designers need a combination of creativity, critical thinking and technical skills to perform well in their role. They also must have business management skills to attract and manage clients if they are freelancers.

19. Social Media Specialist

Social media managers are typically going to be involved in being hands-on in social accounts doing everything from scheduling posts to handling engagement and monitoring reports. This title is sometimes given to a lead in an internal department, but it can also be given to someone working for an agency where they’ll be handling plenty of client accounts.

20. Health Coach

The latest generation of Health Coaches are building their careers from all around the world. They’re working with clients online and in-person, from their home offices to their back patios to their favorite coffee shops and beyond. Read on to find out how YOU too can build the online Health Coaching career of your dreams!

Virtual Health Coaches work with clients to improve their overall health and well-being by developing individualized plans to assist clients in achieving specific health and wellness goals they’ve set for themselves, or implementing the healthcare directives provided by their doctors or other healthcare professionals.

Many coaches work with their clients weekly or bi-weekly for a minimum of 12 sessions via Zoom or other online platform. This allows the opportunity to work with a client over time, and ensure lasting habit change through accountability and support.

21. Accounting clerk

Most bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks need some postsecondary education and also learn some of their skills on the job. They must have basic math and computer skills, including knowledge of spreadsheets and bookkeeping software.

Employers generally require bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks to have some postsecondary education, particularly coursework in accounting. However, some candidates can be hired with just a high school diploma.

Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks usually get on-the-job training. Under the guidance of a supervisor or another experienced employee, new clerks learn how to do their tasks, including double-entry bookkeeping. In double-entry bookkeeping, each transaction is entered twice, once as a debit (cost) and once as a credit (income), to ensure that all accounts are balanced.

22. Recruiting Coordinator

Just because you are used to working from your office desk, doesn’t mean that you have to do the same at home. You can choose to work from your patio, kitchen or even sofa — if it’s the most comfortable for you. However, it is important to find a place that has the least distractions, as previously mentioned. If your sofa is right in front of the TV, that may not be a good choice, and if your kitchen table has the kids’ toys on it, it’s best to move them somewhere else. 

You don’t have to commit to just one workspace. Actually, you may find it refreshing to change places during the day. Find a quiet spot for phone calls, and sit with the family when you’re doing something simpler, like updating reports.

Another great perk of remote HR is getting to set your own hours. You can decide that you want to spend the morning reading or completing personal projects and only start working after lunch, for example. It is still important, however, to have a clear schedule and goals for every day — to make sure you work a set amount of hours and accomplish everything you set out to do. 

23. Photography

Many photographers choose to freelance, offering their services to potential clients. Some of them document special events such as weddings or photograph people, families, or children. Fine art photographers can sell their work at art galleries, art exhibitions, or online. There are also paparazzi who sell exclusive celebrity photos to magazines and newspapers.

Many photographers start working as photography assistants. Some may have a certificate in photography or even a university or college degree. Professional education can give them an advantage because many employers prefer candidates who have been trained in the basics of the art of photography rather than just being amateurs.

24. Freelance

Freelancing your skills is a quick way to work at home and be independent without needing to start an actual business. As a general rule, so long as you operate under your own name you do not need to register as a business (check your city and county government licensing office for any special requirements). With that said, if you’d like to take advantage of some of the tax perks, such as business use of your home, you will want to set up a separate bank account.

One of the advantages of starting a freelance business is that you can take clients right now, without much hassle or expense. Tap your network or find a project on a freelance board, and you’re in business. The key to developing a steady stream of clients is to provide excellent service and marketing. One of the best marketing strategies for freelancers is to cultivate referrals. Many freelancers are able to build their business solely through word-of-mouth.

25. Get into Real Estate

Real estate and technology used to be seen as different realms, but remote work from home has erased the distance between the two sectors. Before, it was important for real estate investors to monitor these trends closely to understand how advances in technology would impact the future of real estate. Now it’s impossible for many real estate offices to even function without fully embracing remote work.

Thankfully, everything real estate can be done remotely!

26. Life Coach

8 steps to becoming life coaching and building your business:

  1. What skills do you need to be a life coach?
  2. Find your coaching niche
  3. Get certified as a life coach (…or don’t)
  4. Set up your coaching business
  5. Plan your life coaching services and prices
  6. Build your online presence
  7. Automate and scale your email marketing and sales
  8. Find ways to upgrade your skills

27. In-Home Child Care

That means many working parents are facing an unprecedented situation: working from home with kids and without access to the camps, babysitters, playdates, and even Grandma-dates that you might normally rely on to get through a school break or a snow day.

It won’t be smooth or perfect, but there are a few strategies you can use to make your new situation a little easier. We have real-world tips from remote workers who’ve balanced career and children in close proximity to help you through this difficult moment.

28. Do Laundry

 Usually a gendered chore, laundry is also a highly routinized form of activity based on a sequence of actions such as sorting, filling machines, and folding clothes and linens to store away. Yet there are also differences in how, when, and why these actions are performed by different people, even within the same household. In this respect, we can apprehend laundry as a “sticky” practice (Maller and Strengers. in that it has a strong grip on performers and may be difficult to change as part of efforts to reach the normative goal of reduced energy usage in the home. In this article, sticky practices are those undertakings that are enacted repeatedly and consistently within households, without much reflexivity on why this is the case. Thus, while doing laundry may not be the most significant consumption domain when it comes to environmental impacts, it is an interesting case study for understanding how a socially-embedded practice can be changed and energy consumption reduced without compromising personal wellbeing.

29. Manage Pinterest Profiles

Most of the work-from-home and digital nomad careers require you to:

have previous experience in the niche be available at certain set times (as with teaching online) be a US citizen I wanted complete freedom. While learning to market my own travel blog on Pinterest, I came across the Become a Pinterest VA Today course. I saw a lot of positive reviews so I decided to take the leap. I was able to book my first client within a month. Within half a year, my business grew to 11 monthly clients!

It’s been the best decision. I absolutely love my business.

30. Sell your Handwriting as Fonts

“A large part of the fonts we receive are of terrible quality – really amateurish. Some people seem too lazy to double-check the characters they’ve designed, or digitised from their handwriting. Many younger designers don’t seem to realize that designing type is a question of utter patience and precision. We cannot coach these people.”

Atlanta-based type designer Stefán Kjartansson’s advice is: “Do the math. Those infinite kerning combinations have kept me up many nights. Make sure you think of each character as a part of a larger family; to be perfectly balanced, no one can stand out.”

Still, don’t get too paranoid. “Technical mistakes are made by all, even the pros, and bad kerning, open points and so on can easily be corrected,” says Michael Paul Young, who believes that originality is more critical than absolute technical perfection. “There’s endless room for exploration, and some of our biggest successes have come from designers doing something different.”

31. Take Surveys

Our survey results make the source of anxiety clear: employees feel they’ve yet to hear enough about their employers’ plans for post-COVID-19 working arrangements. Organizations may have announced a general intent to embrace hybrid virtual work going forward, but too few of them, employees say, have shared detailed guidelines, policies, expectations, and approaches. And the lack of remote-relevant specifics is leaving employees anxious.

32. Do a Phone Chat Job

The tech industry is well known for its flexible schedules and telecommuting opportunities, which makes sense, considering most tech companies are web-based and technology is the greatest resource when working from home. With video chats, conference calls, VPN networks, and wireless Internet, we can constantly stay connected as though we were sitting in our office, rather than at home.

Tech is also experiencing a shortage of talent for a number of jobs, and hiring remote workers opens the talent pool for companies seeking STEM workers. Boris Kontsevoi, founder and president of Intetics Co says, “In the tech sphere, the majority of the work happens on the computer and online. As a result, the location of the person is no longer as important, as long as they have a reliable Internet connection.”

33. Search Engine Evaluator

It was at those darkest times of my life that I found out about an online job called search engine evaluator job, also known as a Google rater job, after scouring the internet for months and trying out every possible way to make money online.

I applied for the Google Rater position with a company called Leapforce (now it is known as Appen)- which was the foremost company when it comes to this job. It was way back in May 2016. 

They got back to me within a week or something.

I appeared for their qualification test which is a three-part exam. I studied the Guideline supplied by them for like 8 – 10 hours per day. I had seven days to finish the test.

Finished the first part of the test – Got an immediate email saying that I’ve passed the test! I was super -excited.

Finished second part of the test – Email said I passed the test! I fist-pumped!

Finished third part – No email. Anxiously waited for a few hours. Got an email saying that I’ve failed the test. My heart sunk! I felt a lump in my throat and a few drops of tears on my cheeks.

34. Sell Crafts

After years of watching YouTube tutorials, poring over books and spending way too much money on supplies and tools, you’re ready to turn your DIY craft hobby into a business. (And perhaps finally justify to your family all the time and money you’ve spent perfecting your craft.) With creative energy pulsing through your veins, you’re itching to sell crafts online through your own Etsy shop.

But let’s take a step back. Before you dive into the fantastic world of owning your own DIY craft business, you have a few very important things to do before you start selling.

35) Online Stylist

Many fashionistas and Work from home moms want to find a way to marry their passion with an opportunity to make money from home. In this guide, we’ll show you how to become a personal stylist online.

There are a range of reasons why customers turn to online stylists for fashion expertise. Some people may not have the confidence to choose the right clothes to fit their body and their style. Others may just want a personal stylist for up-to-date recommendations on the current fashion trends. 

On top of that, buying clothing online is a difficult process and customers can often end up with clothes that don’t fit right or don’t match their style. That’s where you come in. 

36) Creating a resume

Stepping away from your career to raise children left a dreaded employment gap on your resume, but there are ways to compensate. If you dig deep, you’ll find a wealth of activities you can add to fill in the gap.

“Most women who stay at home for a period of time are not just doing laundry and homework oversight,” says Kathryn Sollmann, author, speaker, coach, and founder of 9 Lives for Women, a career-advisory firm that helps professionals re-enter the workforce. Sollmann, a flexible-work advocate and author of Ambition Redefined: Why the Corner Office Doesn’t Work for Every Woman & What to Do Instead, returned to the workforce by leveraging her volunteer and freelance experience.

37) Multi-level marketing opportunities

Businesses that involve selling products to family and friends and recruiting other people to do the same are called and work from home multi-level marketing (MLM), network marketing, or direct marketing businesses. Some MLMs are illegal pyramid schemes. Before joining an MLM program, here are some things to know.

Most people who join legitimate MLMs make little or no money. Some of them lose money. In some cases, people believe they’ve joined a legitimate MLM, but it turns out to be an illegal pyramid scheme that steals everything they invest and leaves them deeply in debt.

38) Typist

Are you a fast typist and want to work from home? You might be thinking about doing data entry jobs from home, but to be honest, they pay pennies for all the work you do.

There’s a better option – typing jobs from home – that yield better income and can help you work from home for good.

I’ve been using my sweet typing skills to land typing jobs like freelance writing jobs for the past five years. I get to use my creativity, my story at times and my skills to gain income from my typing from home!

39) Law Enforcement Transcriptionist

Law enforcement transcription is not a job for newbies.

  • You must have verbatim and multi-speaker transcription experience.
  • Quick turnaround of transcripts is often required as delays can cause problems to law enforcement cases.
  • Confidentiality is very important. Recordings are often confidential or contain sensitive information. Transcriptionists typically have to sign a confidentiality statement and must maintain confidentiality of all information received to do the transcription.
  • Some recordings of surveillance or interrogations can be of poor quality.
  • You may encounter a variety of accents, poeople who speak simultaneously, and voices that are hard to hear.
  • You must usually undergo an extensive background investigation.

40) Copy Editor

A copy editor corrects poor spelling, grammar, and punctuation, refines language to be clearer and more engaging, and fixes factual errors and inconsistencies in a text. A copy editor may work on a full manuscript or something shorter — online copy, an article for a publication, or even a newsletter — going through line-by-line to make it more readable you can do this work from home.

If you love the written word, then working as a copy editor will give you the best of both worlds. You get to consume amazing new literature and assist writers in creating beautiful texts that resonate with other readers! And the cherry on top is that you can do all this while building a sustainable

41) SQL Developer

Many companies need to develop their data storage and maintenance to adapt to an increasingly digital world. SQL developers who build and maintain databases have important roles in that digital transition. If you are interested in becoming an SQL developer, you might benefit from learning what they do and how to become one. In this article, we review the definition of an SQL developer and their responsibilities, education requirements, available certifications and skills to help you decide if this is the right job for you.

42) Computer Programmer

Make your workspace comfortable with a chair you can sit in for 8+ hours a day. All I can say is that I should have done it 10 years earlier!!! Believe me, it is really hard to be a focused and productive developer when you are constantly straining to see your computer screen or rubbing your aching back. If you cannot fetch one on time, you may consider using a lumbar support pillow, as a quick fix.

Never neglect your posture — when you look at your computer, your eyes should be nearly level with the top of the screen. If the monitor is too low you will end up craning your neck or hunching over. You also want the monitor to be at arm’s length away from your chair.

43) Computer Scientist

A computer scientist is a person who has acquired knowledge of computer science. It is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and their application. They’re the ones that develop software for various sites and programs that we use daily.

To become an accomplished computer scientist, some of the essential skills required include excellent mathematical skills, excellent computer and technology knowledge and skills, the ability to analyze problems, trace them to their core, and a systematic approach to work and problem-solving. Other requirements include a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, math, or a related subject.

44) Phone Survey Conductor

Eighteen months is ample time for people to decide whether they prefer working from home or commuting to office every day. And the verdict is out: pulse surveys conducted by many IT, ITeS, and financial services companies prior to chalking out a back-to-work plan has revealed that most people – parents to even young millennials – are keen on working remotely.

Having had a taste of the flexibility that it offers, software engineer Saurabh Vyas plumped for remote work when his company sought to know where he would like to work out of office, home, or a combination. Over the last 18 months, Mr. Vyas switched between Bengaluru and his hometown Udaipur. The arrangement boosted his productivity. It also provided him the space to be with his elderly parents and be a more ‘present’ father to his son.

45) Telemarketer

If you are interested in working from home, there are some real, legit jobs available. Some companies actively hire work-from-home employees, and you can find work-at-home job listings online. But they are not nearly as plentiful as you would think considering the amount of interest there is in working from home.  There are companies that hire employees directly to work from their homes.  which includes tips for how to filter any job board to find work-at-home options. Some of these positions are ones in which the employee covers a territory—for an insurance company or a consumer products firm, for example—and spends some time on the road and some time in a home office. There are also customer service, recruiting, sales, scheduling, technical, writing, computer, and telemarketing jobs available. 

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