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How To Earn 10 Lac From Pocket FM As Freelancer

Pocket FM’s Story Writer and Voice Artist Program gives you a chance to earn millions a month and more than a million a year. This is a golden opportunity for those who like to write stories or voice-over artists.

Nowadays, there is no dearth of talent; if there is a shortage, then to identify the talent in such a situation, Pocket FM has brought an excellent opportunity for story writers who can convert your passion into your career.

Pocket FM has also brought an excellent opportunity for those who have the talent to become a radio jockey. It has become complicated to get this job on the radio channel. But in Pocket FM, you can easily show your talent and earn 10 lakh rupees per year.

What is Pocket FM? (What is Pocket FM)

Pocket FM is a story-based audiobook application. You can listen to thousands of stories and read novels in it. In this audiobook, you can listen to books of many categories like Romantic, Horror, Thriller, Personality Development.

To listen to Pocket FM, you can play the story by going to its website, or you can also download the Pocket FM Application on an Android phone.

pocket FM subscription plan

This application is available with a three-stage membership subscription.

Package NamePackage Price
VIP membership399/-
Premium membership1499/-

What is Pocket FM Writer Benefit Program?

  • Writer Benefit Program is a program run by Pocket FM, in which the writer can publish his stories in Pocket FM and reach it to the people and earn money through it.
  • This program aims to connect as many writers as possible to the Pocket FM community. Due to this, the user of Pocket FM always gets new stories.
  • Under this program, the writer can get the reward of Pocket VIP Royalty Program by publishing the episode of his story daily, where he will get money as a reward.

How does the Pocket FM Writer Benefit Program work?

You have to go through these four stages to earn money by being a part of the Pocket FM Writer Benefit Program. After that, you will be eligible to earn ten lakh rupees per year. Let’s see which are those four stages.

Stage 1 – Signing a new story This is the program’s first stage, where the story writer has to start writing a new story. In this stage, after completing 50,000 words of your story, you will be given 5000 rupees as a reward by Pocket FM.

Stage 2 – Updating the story daily This is the second stage of the program. The second stage will automatically start when your new story has completed 50,000 words. You have to publish a daily new episode of your story at this stage. You have to keep in mind at this stage that your entire month’s episode should not be less than 50,000 words.

You will again get a reward of Rs.5000 as soon as your second stage target is completed. If your daily episode exceeds 70,000 words in a month, then you will get the reward of 8000.

If you want, you can do a maximum gap of two days in a month. If there is more gap than this, you will not get the reward.

Stage 3 – Reaching the milestones This is the third stage of this program. In this stage, as the character of your story crosses the predetermined target, you will get rewarded for reaching the milestones. You will get this reward only twice. As soon as your story reaches the third milestone, you will reach the fourth stage.

The reward received in this stage will be an additional reward for you, which will continue with the reward of Stage 2. In this stage, if the word count of your story reaches 150,000, then you will get the first additional reward, which will be 2500. Similarly, after completing the story word count of 250,000, you will get an additional reward of 5000.

Stage 4 – Eligibility for the VIP loyalty program This is the final stage of the Pocket FM Writer Benefit Program. To reach this stage, you have to complete 250,000 words of your story. Once you complete 250,000 words of your story, you will be eligible to earn 10 lakhs a year.

How to earn money from Pocket FM?

Pocket FM gives an excellent opportunity to earn money for Story Writer and Voice artists. Here you can earn lakhs of rupees a month by becoming a Story Writer and make your career.

To become a Pocket Writer, first, you need to create an admin account by joining As a Writer Pocket FM.

Become a Pocket FM writer

  • Go to Pocket FM Studio.
  • Click on Create Account.
  • Enter your mobile number and click on the Continue button.
  • Enter the OTP received on your number and click on Continue.
  • Fill in the name and email, choose the language you want to write in Language Proficiency, select Author in Account type, and click on Continue.

Publish your first novel

After creating an author account by applying to Pocket FM studio, you have to start your first writing. Your first novel should be at least 1500 words, then only you will be able to publish the first episode.

Follow these steps to publish your first novel.

  • Go to Pocket Novel Dashboard.
  • Click on Novel > New Novel.
  • Give a name to your book and click on Create Book And Go To First Chapter.
  • Now, in Untitled Chapter, give your chapter’s name and write your story.
  • Story After writing the first part of the story, click on Publish.

Publish a new episode daily.

After the first episode is published, you must publish a new episode daily. As you publish episodes, your milestones will be completed, and you will get rewards. When you complete 250,000 words, your story will be eligible for monetization, and you will be able to earn under the Pocket VIP Royalty Program.

Follow these steps to update new episodes daily.

  • Go to Pocket Novel Dashboard > Novel.
  • Select the Novel on which you want to update the new episode.
  • Click on New Chapter.
  • Give the chapter a name and type your episode.
  • After writing the episode, click on Publish button.

How to Upload Audiobook to Pocket FM?

If you are a Story Teller and want to earn money from Pocket FM using your talent, you can monetize your broadcast (Audiobook) by uploading your story in Broadcast Pocket FM.

To upload an audiobook to Pocket FM, you have to install its Android app on mobile. Only then you will be able to upload your audiobook.

  • Download Pocket FM Apps from Playstore.
  • Login to the apps using your mobile number.
  • Go to My Library > Three Dot Menu > My Profile.
  • Select Upload Audio by clicking on the Plus icon.
  • Select your audio file, fill in required details (episode title, description, etc.), and click the Upload button.


If you have a passion for writing stories, you should take advantage of this opportunity. You can start it part-time. When your follower’s increase and your story gets monetized, you can also do it full time. If you want to become a storyteller, then by contacting a writer, you can

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