Learn How To Get Mods On Gorilla Tag: A Complete Guide

Easily Install Gorilla Tag Mods Step by Step

Welcome to our step-by-step installation tutorial for Gorilla Tag Mods. The VR game Gorilla Tag is really entertaining, and it gets even better with mods. To learn how to install Gorilla-Tag modifications as quickly as possible, keep reading.

We chose to provide you this tutorial that explains what mods are and how to obtain some to play Gorilla Tag since adding modifications allows for more enjoyable gameplay. Video games can have mods, or additional data, added to them to improve their visual design. Mods, which are essentially just another word for alterations, are often made by gaming organisations to improve or alter the gameplay.

Installing Gorilla Tag Mods on the Oculus Quest 2

Gorilla Tag

Here’s a brief reminder for those Oculus Quest 2 fans that are curious about how to install modifications directly on their Quest 2. Regrettably, Gorilla Tag modifications cannot now be set up on the Quest 2. Additionally, there are currently no plans to restart Quest 2 mods on Gorilla Tag. Sorry, but PCVR is the only platform that will allow you to modify Gorilla Tag. Take a look at the Gorilla-Tag modding discord in the screenshot below.

The fact that you won’t be able to play Gorilla Tag on your Meta Quest 2 after using QuestPatcher is not disclosed in guides that claim you may install modifications, most likely using the QuestPatcher programme. It will simply not function, and you will continuously be informed that your copy of the game is out of current and needs to be updated.

Oculus Airlink might be set up and used if you have a Quest 2 and want to play Gorilla Tag on PCVR. The problem with Airlink is that it can drop a lot of frames, be choppy, and look awful if your PC’s internet setup isn’t very good. If you wish to utilise Oculus Airlink, make sure your PC is wired with an Ethernet connection to your router or modem.

You’ll need to be able to physically connect your headset to your PC if you can’t or don’t want to use Airlink. Using an Oculus Link Cable or equivalent USB 3 cable, this is doable with an Oculus Quest 2. There are several online that are less expensive than the genuine Link Cable but might not be as good if you don’t have one.

Monke Mod Manager for PCVR Gorilla Tag Mods

Gorilla Tag

The Monke Mod Manager must be downloaded and installed before beginning to install PCVR Gorilla Tag modifications. On your PC, you may use this programme to install Gorilla Tag customizations. Click this link to visit the Monke Mod Manager github page. To download the installer, choose “Assets” and then click the MonkeModManager.exe link.

Launch Monke Mod Manager after it has been downloaded to begin the setup. If the installer cannot locate where your Gorilla Tag launcher is, you could see a prompt similar to the one shown below.

It’s okay, that. Click OK, then locate and choose GorillaTag.exe at C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommon if you’re running Gorilla Tag through Steam.Monkey Tag. GorillaTag.exe is located at C:Program Files (x86)OculusSoftwareSoftwareanother-axiom-gorilla-tag (your filepath may differ slightly depending on where you have Steam or Oculus installed; just find the “Steam” or “Oculus” folder and follow the rest of the path from there) if you want to play Gorilla Tag through the Oculus app.

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Monke Mod Manager will launch and you will see a menu with a lot of tick boxes, regardless of whether it located the route automatically or you had to search it manually. You may check the mods you wish to install by scrolling up and down the list of available mods. The modifications will then be installed once you click “Install/Update” in the bottom right corner. The Gorilla Cosmetics mod, which you can use to add a tonne of awesome new cosmetics to your monke from a small cosmetics selection in your treehouse in Gorilla Tag, is demonstrated here in this example.

If you want to manually download a mod from its github page or read its README, you can also highlight a mod by clicking on its text and then choosing “View Mod Info” in the bottom middle.

Installing “Monke Map Loader” is a terrific mod since it enables you to load personalised Gorilla Tag maps using the computer in your virtual treehouse. On the in-game computer, just choose the “Monke Map Loader” programme to access all of your loaded maps. Visit this page to obtain more unique maps.

Move the new custom maps into the BepInEx/plugins/MonkeMapLoader/CustomMaps folder of your game to install them. Simply use the “Game Folder” button under the Monke Mod Manager Utilities menu to avoid searching for your game folder.

Before entering Public Lobbies, be sure to turn off any modifications that have an impact on gameplay by checking the appropriate box and clicking the “Disable Mods” button. However, there may be a problem that prevents all of them from turning off when you enter a public Gorilla Tag lobby, and utilising them there might result in the suspension of your account.

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How To Get More Gorilla Tag Mods

If the modifications included with Monke Mod Manager are insufficient for you, use this link to access the Gorilla Tag modding discord to find more. Additionally, there are several github repositories dedicated to Gorilla Tag PC Mods.

Make careful to read the README for the mod before installing it because some modifications require a slightly different installation process. For the majority of modifications, all you need to do is download file, unzip it to a normal folder, and then transfer that folder to your Gorilla Tag game folder. Move the.dll files from the mod to the BepInEx/plugins folder if it consists only of those files.


Does Gorilla Tag allow modding?

You may make a unique mod without stealing our Gorilla Tag intellectual property and without any monetization features. You are allowed to commission and fund the creation of a mod for exclusive usage by you and your pals.

What are mods in games?

A subset of general modding, video game modding (short for “modification”) is the process of changing one or more features of a video game by players or fans, such as how it appears or behaves.

Is it safe to install mods?

Modifications, sometimes known as “game mods,” are additional elements that are added to the original games’ code or syntax. Sadly, such software might evolve into the ideal lure for tricking consumers into unintentionally infecting their gadgets. Experts have been warning about them for years, such as GTA V modifications that contain keyloggers and remote access trojans (RATs).

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