OPPO A78: A Complete Entertainment Package

The OPPO A78 has arrived in India to provide consumers with a price range under $20,000 choice that is simply fantastic. The phone first impresses with its stunning exteriors, but it quickly becomes apparent from reading its specifications sheet that there is much more to it than meets the eye. The OPPO A series has earned a reputation for providing excellent features at reasonable price points over time, and this Qualcomm CPU-powered beast is no exception. The OPPO A78 will undoubtedly dominate the market and will go on sale at INR 17499 on August 1st, 2023.

Let us share our initial thoughts on the phone now that we have used it for a while.

Immersive audio-visual experience that is perfect for binge-watching


My phone is often my preferred device for watching films and YouTube videos while on the road because I am the type of person who enjoys doing so. This was a breeze with the OPPO A78 because the company built the device to be a powerhouse for entertainment. Its 6.4-inch, 90Hz, FHD+ AMOLED display presents its images in spectacular detail.

The colours and contrast levels of the Netflix and Amazon Prime video I saw on this gadget were really realistic. Additionally, this panel’s L1 Widevine certification made sure that the streaming video was shown in the best possible quality. When watching films and TV shows, it’s a fantastic device that offers a wonderful viewing experience.

Additionally, since the phone comes with twin stereo speakers tuned with OPPO’s Real HD Sound 3.0, headphones weren’t necessary to obtain the greatest sound output. This offers the audio full quality and creates a 3D audio environment that puts you right in the middle of the action you’re witnessing. These speakers will make gamers very happy since they improve system-level sound effects whether playing games or even watching films, resulting in a more immersive audio experience. Dirac’s testing shows that, in contrast to other smartphones in the same price range, the Ultra Volume Mode, which increases audio volume by 200%, offers a decent listening experience.

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Long-lasting battery that will keep you unplugged through the day

The OPPO A78’s use of a 5,000mAh battery makes all-day enjoyment a guarantee. I used the phone for a while, and even after long gaming sessions, I never observed any significant decreases in battery life. This battery enables the phone to provide 30.75 hours of conversation time and an astounding 658.71 hours of standby life, claims OPPO. Like other modern OPPO phones, this one also features the Battery Health Engine, which is designed to increase total battery life to 1,600 charge and discharge cycles, or approximately 4 years.

The fact that the phone supports 67W SUPERVOOCTM Flash Charge makes it even more interesting. For individuals who never have enough time to leave their gadget plugged in for extended periods of time, this is excellent. We received about 4.61 hours of phone calls and 2.47 hours of YouTube viewing with just 5 minutes of payment. Additionally, the phone can be charged from zero to one hundred percent with the 67W SUPERVOOCTM Flash Charge function in just 45 minutes.

And since the OPPO A78 incorporates 5-Layer Charging Protection for all-around safe charging, you need not worry about heating difficulties when charging. The Optimised All-Day Charging function, which learns your charging patterns to stop charging when the battery level hits 80% and fills up the final 20% just before it’s time to go, also provides additional safety for the battery.

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Trendy Design that is bound to turn heads

The Ultra-Slim Retro Design of the OPPO A78, which features a 2.5D right-angled central frame and smoothed edges to give it a sleek appearance, is what makes the device stand out right away. The device’s weight of 180 grammes and thickness of 7.93mm both contribute to its ergonomics.

The OPPOA78 is available in two colours, each of which has an own personality. The Aqua Green model, which is inspired by water, was created utilising a double-layer method to overlay a Diamond Matrix Design over a base layer that is water-green. This particular kind was on hand, and it had a stylish, distinctive appearance. Contrarily, the OPPO Glow technique is used on the Mist Black model to add a CD texture to the coating layer and give the phone a distinctive metallic sheen.

Cameras that won’t let you miss special moments again

The 50MP dual camera equipment aboard the OPPO A78 powers the photographic experience. In my use of the phone, I discovered that the HDR on the pictures taken by this camera is amazing. Whether the images were taken in the day or at night, the details in the shadows and the highlights were preserved. The included 2MP depth camera is a terrific feature since it makes it possible to take portrait photos that are simply gorgeous. The 8MP front camera is another feature that, in addition to taking beautiful selfies, is available. View several camera examples here:

Dual-View Video is another function that enables you to record with both the front and back cameras at the same time and merge the images into a single frame for entertaining and fashionable vlogs.

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Robust performance that will even impress power users

I didn’t settle for anything less than the Snapdragon 680 SoC’s superb performance, and I wasn’t let down. Qualcomm’s Kryo 265 cores, which are used in the 6nm CPU, provided higher speeds that significantly improved my experience. It is backed by the Adreno 610 GPU, which is perfect for generating smooth visuals in the majority of high-end games. The OPPO A78’s 8GB of RAM made it simple to multitask. Additionally, the phone has RAM Expansion technology, which can turn 8GB of free storage into usable memory to give users access to a staggering 16GB of RAM.

And despite this, the OPPO A78 boasts a generous 128GB ROM, so you’ll never run out of space. Even a microSD card slot that offers 1TB of extra storage is included right into the device. As a result, whether you’re a large collector of images and movies or enjoy playing a variety of top-tier games constantly, this phone has you covered. You receive the advantages of OPPO’s ColorOS 13.1, which is based on Android 13, in terms of software.

This app includes a number of security features built in, including Private Safe, App Lock, Hidden Apps, Privacy Protection Passcode, and App Encryption, in addition to providing a rich and highly configurable user interface. Auto Pixelate, which shrewdly blurs any contact information before you share screenshots further, is also included in ColorOS 13.1.

Last but not least, OPPO’s Dynamic Computing Engine, which was previously exclusively available on its top products, has been included to this software. Over time, it offers a user experience that is more reliable and fluid overall. It allows us to effortlessly transition between up to 19 programmes by keeping them active in the background.

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Get hold of OPPO A78 now!

The OPPO A78 is stunning in every way, and it’s the ideal pocket-friendly phone to purchase right now since it offers a smart combination of fashionable appearance, powerful everyday performance, amazing graphics, great photography, and extended battery life. This smartphone delivers on being a complete entertainment bundle in its price range thanks to its excellent packaging. We were totally astounded by its capabilities and would suggest it to anybody searching for a phone around $20,000. The phone can be purchased at major retail stores, the OPPO E-Store, and Flipkart for Rs 17,499 starting today, or August 1st, 2023. If you’re searching for a budget-friendly smartphone that has a lot of power, check out the product right away.


What is the price of Oppo A78 5G?

The OPPO A78 5G costs Rs. 18,999 in India. is offering the OPPO A78 5G for as little as Rs. 18,999.

Is the Oppo A78 water proof?

A58 was renamed as the Oppo A78 5G for international markets. The mid-range A-series smartphone features an HD+ display with a 90Hz refresh rate. The phone is water resistant because it has an IPX4 certification.

Is OPPO A78 5G good for gaming?

Additionally, the A78’s display offers a 90 Hz refresh rate. These days, having a fast-refreshing screen is a need since it makes skimming through webpages, images, and user interfaces much smoother. Gamers will gain from this as well.

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