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YouTube Videos Help You Make Money

Greetings, Friends! Today we will talk about YouTube Videos, in this article, we will show you how to make money by delivering views on YouTube videos (Promoting YouTube Videos) at a low cost.

Do you have any friends? Nowadays, everyone wants to be a YouTuber, and let me tell you, during the Pandemic, a lot of individuals launched new YouTube channels, but their videos didn’t garner a lot of views.

What exactly is VEEFLY?

Verify is a video promotion platform that offers services to its customers. They say that if you promote any YouTube videos with Veefly, your Video will be more likely to become viral, and your channel will receive more engagement.

How Can YouTube Videos Help You Make Money?

So the only issue that comes to me is, “How can we advertise such films at a low cost?” Well, the answer is that we will use two platforms for this: the first is Veefly, which has a link below, and the second is Google Ads.

Step 1: Go to the Fiverr Platform website using the direct URL below. Then, on Fiverr, establish a gig called “Providing Views on Your YouTube Videos” with keywords like “Promote Your YouTube Videos to Targeted Audience” and a price.

Step 2: Go to YouTube Platforms and search for newly launched channels or channels with a low number of views on videos. Then go to their channel’s about section and look for contact information or email addresses.

Write them a message offering to promote their videos or supply them with high-quality views on their YouTube videos for a low cost.

Step 3: The final step in this essay is to go to the Veffly website, which is linked below. Then sign up, go to your dashboard, paste your YouTube video link, select Promote Video, specify your country and budget, and they’ll tell you how many views you’ll get for that amount.


Friends, I sincerely hope You will make money by reading this article, but before you begin, remember that your gig price should be less than the Veefly budget so that you may earn a little bit more by marketing YouTube videos.

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