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How To Earn Money From Webtalk

What is WebTalk?

WebTalk is the first social ecommerce community. The site started in 2011 but generated popularity in 2015 when the developers revamped the focus to the business.

WebTalk is a free-to-join innovative social and business network like Facebook or Linkedin and a shopping community.

You combine your personal and professional relationships at WT. You use the site as an ecommerce community as well.

How Webtalk Points Work

Points are awarded for everything you do on Webtalk, even simply logging in daily. You earn both engagement and influencer points.

Engagement points are awarded for your activity, and influencer points are awarded for the activity from others who engage with the content you share to your newsfeed. You earn points much faster when you engage with the content you share with your newsfeed.


Points redeem for pie slices, 1,000 points = 1 pie slice, and each pie slice equals a percentage of 50% of our ad-revenue every month that we call the “Pie”.

Ie. Points are free money just for using WT and sharing great content.


You earn 100% matching points for all referrals to Webtalk. When your referrals earn Engagement and Influencer points, so do you!

Ie. When your referrals conservatively earn 100,000 Engagement and Influencer points, you will also earn the same. If you subscribe as a PRO member, this 100% matching point applies to all your direct referrals and their referrals up to 5 levels deep of separation. If you decide to keep using WT as a FREE member, you will still earn from your direct referrals (Level 1). 

You can quickly build up your rewards by inviting top content creators.

Ie. The people in your network who are always getting the most likes, comments, and shares from their content on other social networks should be at the top of your list of people to invite.


Open your right slide-out menu by clicking on the “hamburger” icon on the top right. Click “Cash Rewards Program”. Once you are in your rewards program back office, click on the “Get Referrals” tab, and there you will find many tools to help you get referrals.

Every newsfeed post from Webtalk that you syndicate to other social networks has your referral link embedded. Therefore, if someone clicks your Webtalk content from other social networks, they are redirected back to WT to view your content.

If they join Webtalk after viewing your content, then you earn credit for the referral.

You can also share your referral and profile links and content links to get referrals.

Another great thing about posting content people love is that if it goes viral outside of Webtalk, you get credit for referrals when other people share your content because they share your referral link for you.


Webtalk offers a monthly rewards bonus that pays 100% matching points and 10% revenue share through 5-levels of referrals. This bonus is awarded to:

  • ​Pro Customers and
  • Free members who directly refer a PRO customer.

The bonus shares up to 50% of our revenue from ads and subscriptions, with our bonus earners as our thank you for helping us grow.

Only a 1,000,000 bonus will be awarded. Every new PRO customer awards up to two bonuses… one to the person who upgraded and another to the person who referred the PRO customer.


Not for now because we are still in Beta, and many of our products and features are still pending release. However, we recently partnered with Priceline.com to launch Webtalk Travel and offer our members the lowest guaranteed pricing on Flights, Hotels & Car Rentals.

We also plan to launch our Webtalk Swag Shop and our Webtalk Marketplace next year.

We also plan to launch a suite of products under different brands where you will use your Webtalk account to log in. “Login with Webtalk”.

When your referrals log in with their Webtalk accounts to other products and services we own, you will earn a revenue share on purchases made on those sites.

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