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Binance, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange, and Ingenico, a payment processor CRYPTO PAYMENT, have joined up to offer digital asset payment options in France. Customers will be able to use Binance Pay to make cryptocurrency payments at two establishments that use Ingenico’s payment terminal thanks to this partnership: La Carlie, a bar, and Miss Opéra, a shop.

With the card, Brazilian Binance users will be able to pay their bills and make purchases with 13 different cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ether, and BUSD. According to the company, Binance’s card will have a 0.9% cost for each transaction involving cryptocurrencies. It will also give up to 8% rewards with cryptocurrencies and fee-free ATM withdrawals.

The software accepts more than 50 coins, the release claims. Although CRYPTO PAYMENT to merchants will initially be made in cryptocurrencies, a crypto-to-fiat solution that will enable them to accept fiat CRYPTO PAYMENT is scheduled to pilot in Q2 of 2023. La Carlie and Miss Opéra, two businesspeople who operate in the retail and hotel industries, are launching the French pilot.

The next step in the service growth process is to add more European nations to the list of those where Binance is a recognised crypto operator. In France, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Cyprus, Poland, and Sweden, Binance is permitted to do business. Normally, in-store gadgets need to be integrated in some way before they can start using cryptocurrencies. The new solution, however, asserts that it is a “all-in-one” gadget that facilitates merchant and customer onboarding.

The all-in-one gadget, according to Jonathan Lim, head of Binance Pay and Binance Card, would “accelerate access to customers” and represent “a new method to approach the industry.” Binance has been working on many payment methods over the past year. After successfully releasing a prepaid crypto card in Argentina in August 2022, it just collaborated with Mastercard to do the same in Brazil.

On February 20, the trading platform said that the crypto behemoth has just introduced a prepaid digital asset card in Brazil in association with the world’s largest CRYPTO PAYMENT processor, Mastercard. With a legitimate national ID, the card will be accessible to all Brazilian Binance users, enabling them to pay their bills and make purchases using 13 cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ether, and BUSD. According to the company, Binance’s card will have a 0.9% transaction cost for all cryptocurrency transactions and will also offer free ATM withdrawals and rewards of up to 8%.

This relationship has several benefits, one of which is that it gives businesses a fresh perspective on the market. Without having to develop our own terminals or software, their dominating position in the industry and cutting-edge CRYPTO PAYMENT solutions enable us to quickly reach customers, according to Jonathan Lim, CEO of Binance Card and Binance Pay.


Does Binance support France?

As a result of its recent registration as a Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP) in France, Binance is now authorised to custody, facilitate the buy, sell, and exchange of digital assets, and run a trading platform for them.

What CRYPTO PAYMENT exchange platform in France?

Many trustworthy cryptocurrency exchanges may be found in France, but to mention a few, there is Coinbase, Coinhouse, Paymium, and Kraken.

Is crypto available in France?

You have more than 450 options for converting your EUR to BTC or buying Bitcoin quickly. This features a variety of widely used payment methods in France, including gift cards, Revolut, PayPal, ApplePay, PCS Prepaid Cash Services, and bank transfers, among others.

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