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Price Prediction Of Troy Coin 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

What is Troy Coin?

Troy Coin, also known as Troy Network, is a non-custodial, decentralised system designed for cryptocurrency trade and settlement. The project team wants to provide infrastructure based on decentralised finance that will be open to anyone. Troy has developed into a globally successful trade platform that includes important nations. Nevertheless, with compatibility for numerous cryptoassets, its network will inherit layer 1 and layer 2 technology.

Troy Coin has launched version 2 of their network, which is known to reinvent trading beyond exchange and move to a smart hybrid asset management platform. Yet, as stated in the whitepaper, it keeps delivering advantages like high security, high speed, and high frequency by utilising public and stake channel technology.

The goal of Troy Coin 2.0 is to combine centralised and decentralised finance while preserving equilibrium. Although we are aware that both technologies are at their finest, they must cooperate in order to solve the problems with central governance and security. Liquidity aggregator, one of Troy’s key features, will combine liquidity from various DEX, CEX, liquidity pool, and other sources. With a straightforward data matrix design that incorporates market and blockchain data, data analytics for users will aid in decision-making.

Troy Coin Price Prediction

Month & YearTroy Coin Price Prediction
March 2023$0.0054
April 2023$0.0080
May 2023$0.0089
June 2023$0.0094
July 2023$0.0101
August 2023$0.0075
September 2023$0.0089
October 2023$0.0098
November 2023$0.0116
December 2023$0.0118
January 2024$0.0129
March 2024$0.0138
April 2024$0.0133
July 2024$0.0156
October 2024$0.0142
January 2025$0.0158
February 2025$0.0347
March 2025$0.0357
April 2025$0.0393
May 2025$0.0399
June 2025$0.0409
July 2025$0.0457
August 2025$0.0529
September 2025$0.0483
October 2025$0.0473
November 2025$0.0553
Decemeber 2025$0.0569
January 2030$0.1222
March 2030$0.1299
May 2030$0.1459
July 2030$0.1343
September 2030$0.1547
December 2030$0.1603

Troy Coin Overview

Project nameTroy
Ticker SymbolTROY
Total Supply10,000,000,000
Based onTrading & Asset management
Launched year2019
All-time high$0.025 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance, Bilaxy, CoinDCX, Gate, Bilaxy, Hoo, HBTC, Bitribe.
WalletBSC Wallet

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Troy Coin Price Analysis

Troy emphasised the importance of blood flow, or circulation, inside a network. The platform will provide many uses for Troy coin, which is a native token of the Troy network. Troy will employ gas costs for asset settlement and trading, same like DEX does with ETH. Troy now has a market cap of $173 million and is trading at $0.019 USD, or 1330% more than the quoted price. Troy is presently accessible on the leading trading platforms and has partnered with companies like Consensus Labs, Binance, and others.


As consumers need a mix of CEX and DEX with no-custody and DeFi technologies, the platform is current with the current trading environment. Its amazing features, such as flexible income, quant tactics, and liquidity aggregator, increase the project’s value. Troy brings more user-friendly and simple interference with asset management and a whole distinct transaction style, which can draw in new investors. Because to its increased incentives and ongoing worldwide expansion, Troy Token attracts more buyers.


How Much Troy Coin Worth in 2030?

Troy might reach $5.5 USD in 2030 if the developer keeps using cutting-edge trading strategies.

Is Troy a Good Investment?

The next two to three years may be beneficial for long-term HODL.

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