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Price Prediction Of Ethernity chain (ERN) 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Ethernity Chain?

The blockchain project Ethernity Chain is based on NFT and was developed by seasoned investor Nick Rose Ntertas. The goal of Ethernity Chain is to develop a platform that will lead the way in using non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, to produce digital artworks. A variety of industries, including blockchain, music, entertainment, sports, and more, will be the focus of Platform. NFT art receives approved with a digital signature to provide a realistic experience.

Community-oriented with a primary focus on generating limited edition digital art, NFTs, and trading cards, Ethernity introduced these concepts. All of this digital art will be produced by the user-favorite artists and will have the support of well-known people. Together with concentrating on the NFT creation platform, this strategy will also seek to help the less fortunate, which will be advantageous for both charities and NFT collectors. Simply said, Ethernity will let artists make digital art, after which it will be certified by an icon and only a limited number of pieces will be up for sale. A portion of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to charity, and the action winner will mint NFTs. After receiving NFT, the user might choose to put the collectibles up for auction.

After the success of the first NFT startup, Cryptokittes, Ethernity employs the decentralised Ethereum network. To put it briefly, this platform will undoubtedly raise collectability and also build an A-NFT library.

Ethernity chain Price Prediction

Month & YearERN Price Prediction
March 2023$2.2744
April 2023$3.3777
May 2023$3.7681
June 2023$3.9888
July 2023$4.2943
August 2023$3.1910
September 2023$3.7681
October 2023$4.1415
November 2023$4.9053
December 2023$5.0072
January 2024$5.4655
March 2024$5.8389
April 2024$5.6522
July 2024$6.5857
October 2024$6.0256
January 2025$6.7045
February 2025$14.6990
March 2025$15.1064
April 2025$16.6340
May 2025$16.8886
June 2025$17.3129
July 2025$19.3497
August 2025$22.4050
September 2025$20.4360
October 2025$20.0287
November 2025$23.4234
Decemeber 2025$24.1023
January 2030$51.7690
March 2030$54.9940
May 2030$61.7834
July 2030$56.8611
September 2030$65.5175
December 2030$67.8938

Ethernity Chain Overview

Project nameEthernity Chain
Ticker SymbolERN
Total Supply30,000,000
Based onNFT
Launched year2020
All-time high$41 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap, Gate, Bilaxy, 1inch Exchnage.

ERN ICO Overview

Platform usedPolkastarter IDO
Raised by$275,000 USD
Date of ICO8th march 2021
ICO Price$0.28 USD
PartnersBosslogic, Terra Virtua

ERN Price Analysis

The ERN Token will be used to support and run the Ethernity Chain ecosystem. As an ERN Staking component, stakeholders will farm special NFT editions for which they will receive incentives. The community will provide the ern pool liquidity. Holders of ERN tokens can vote in the governance of the Ethernity ecosystem for new proposals and developments.

The Polkastarter platform hosted the ERN token sale via the IDO, or initial DEX offering. The price of the ERN Token in IDO was $0.28 USD, and it was subsequently published on Uniswap at an opening price of $3.01 USD. As more individuals sought to earn NFT, there was a higher demand for ERN, which resulted in a smaller supply and rising ERN token prices. As of this writing, ERN is poised to cross the $50 USD milestone and, taking into account the starting price, has already achieved 12x ROI for investors once the stock is listed and 150x ROI for IDO investors.


The NFT, Digital Arts, and Digital Asset are the upcoming technologies that may break all previous records for value. Top businesspeople like Elon Musk, who recently auctioned NFT with a twitter tweet, have helped NFT become a new trend in the market. Everyone who has joined the NFT party is aware that the impending Ethernity project will be a major undertaking. In remembrance of the late Muhammad Ali, Ethernity recently held an auction. Tony Hawk will also be selling his Ollie 540 motorcycle. According to the article, ethernity has already surpassed the opensea NFT marketplace platform in terms of market valuation, which is continuing to increase as more investors hold or stake tokens over an extended period of time. So, the value of the ERN token will continue to rise in the future, and Ethernity may end up becoming the most valuable project on the NFT project list.


Will Ethernity chain Reach $100?

Very likely, considering NFT is receiving a lot of attention from fans and artists.

Is Ethernity chain a Good Investment?

In addition to offering tremendous returns, ERN token farming also offers the chance to hold or cultivate NFTs.

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