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Sundaram Mutual Fund Things You Need To Know Before Investing

Sundaram Mutual Fund, which has an AUM of Rs 47,055 crores, provides 94 schemes across several categories, including 21 equity, 24 debt, and 9 hybrid mutual funds. Learn about the SUNDARAM MF plan in detail, examine past performance data, and invest in the top Sundaram Mutual Funds. Consider investing in mutual fund plans that match your financial goals, risk tolerance, and fund alternatives.

Sundaram Mutual Fund Details

NameSundaram Asset Management Company Ltd
AUM₹ 47,055 Crores
Founded13 May 2010
Incorporation Date26 February 1996
SponsorSundaram Finance Limited
CIOMr. Subramanian / Mr. Harsha Viji
Contact Number044-28583362
Email Id[email protected]
Office AddressSundaram Asset Management Company Limited, 46, Whites Road, Peters Colony, Royaoettah, Chennai- 600014, Tamil Nadu

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Best Sundaram Mutual Fund Schemes to Invest in Jul 2022

Fund nameAUMNAV3Y Returns
Sundaram Low Duration fund (G)₹543.56 Cr₹28.845%
Sundaram Money Fund Unclaimed Amount Plan Unclaimed Dividend Less Than Three Years (G)₹2604.42 Cr₹13.204.5%
Sundaram Money Fund Unclaimed Amount Plan Unclaimed Redemption Less Than Three Years (G)₹2604.42 Cr₹13.214.5%
Sundaram Short Term Debt Fund (G)₹329.90 Cr₹36.385.3%
Sundaram Money Fund (G)₹2604.42 Cr₹41.304.7%
Sundaram Money Fund (G)₹2604.42 Cr₹44.194.7%
Sundaram Low Duration Institutional fund (G)₹543.56 Cr₹27.875.5%
Sundaram Low Duration Retail fund (G)₹543.56 Cr₹26.145%
Sundaram Select Focus Fund (G)₹1353.89 Cr₹264.9717%
Sundaram Large Cap Fund (G)₹2833.30 Cr₹13.88
Sundaram Select Focus Fund Institutional (G)₹1353.89 Cr₹289.7718.1%
Sundaram Money Fund Unclaimed Amount Plan Unclaimed Dividend More Than Three Years (G)₹2604.42 Cr₹10.00
Sundaram Money Fund Unclaimed Amount Plan Unclaimed Redemption More Than Three Years (G)₹2604.42 Cr₹10.00
Sundaram Money Fund Institutional (G)₹2604.42 Cr₹40.306.8%
Sundaram Equity Hybrid Fund (G)₹1954.01 Cr₹135.1416%
Sundaram Ultra Short Term Fund (G)₹1329.69 Cr₹11.04
Sundaram Overnight Fund (G)₹535.39 Cr₹1140.033.6%
Sundaram Financial Services Opportunities Fund Institutional (G)₹498.28 Cr₹62.5510.5%
Sundaram large and Mid Cap Fund (G)₹4531.55 Cr₹50.9915.3%
Sundaram Ultra Short Duration Fund (G)₹1051.20 Cr₹2254.923.6%

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How to Invest in Sundaram Funds?

Through Scripbox, purchasing Sundaram Mutual Fund is a simple and practical approach. All you have to do is adhere to the instructions listed below.

  1. For a list of Investment Plans, go to the Scripbox website: Click the “Let’s Get Started” button on the Scripbox homepage to begin. In accordance with your life purpose, a range of investing possibilities will be unlocked. Select the one that best fits your financial objective before beginning to invest in mutual funds. To continue with Mutual Fund Investment, click “Continue.”
  2. Register to open an account: If you already have a Scripbox account, sign in using your information. A variety of several investment alternatives will show up on your screen when you log in. Investors can choose the preferred method of payment using Scripbox. Next, depending on your financial flow, choose “Every month SIP” or “One-time payment.” The size of the investment might depend on your financial objectives and cash flow. Click “See Recommended Funds” to continue with your investment after that.
  3. Verify the plan and funding distribution: This page displays a list of mutual fund plans together with the amount allotted for the chosen plan. Prior to moving on, review the details. You have the option of changing the fund or the sum. Simply select “I want to alter Funds/Amount” from the menu. To complete the payment, click the “Next” button now.
  4. Last but not least, you need to input the bank account and PAN information. For safe online payments, use Scripbox. Only the funds from redemption are invested in and credited to a bank account.

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Sundaram Mutual Fund F A Q

Is Sundaram Mutual Fund good?

Having been established in 1996, Sundaram AMC has more than 20 years of expertise in the field of fund management. A wide range of items are available from the fund house. It meets the demands of investors with a range of risk, monetary objectives, and liquidity preferences. They have 3.3 million investors and more than 93 locations spread all around the nation. They also have a presence in Singapore and have a wholly-owned subsidiary there, in addition to Dubai.

Which Sundaram Mutual Fund is the best?

The investor, not the fund house, determines what makes the finest mutual fund. For any fund firm, there are undoubtedly a few top-performing funds. They may not, however, be suitable for all investors. Investors must match their objectives with those of the investing target. He or she should be able to comprehend and absorb the fund’s risk. The investor will find it to be the ideal match.

How to stop sip in Sundaram mutual fund?

By going straight to the Sundaram Mutual Fund website, logging in with the folio number, and ending the SIP, one may stop their SIP in Sundaram Mutual Fund online. As an alternative, customers can log in to the portal where they began investing in Sundaram Mutual Funds and discontinue the SIP there.

How to withdraw Sundaram mutual fund?

One can go to the nearby Sundaram Mutual Fund office and fill out a paperwork to withdraw money from the fund. As an alternative, individuals can go in to the Sundaram Mutual Fund website with their folio number and redeem their investment there. Additionally, clients have the option of withdrawing their Sundaram Mutual Fund assets from the original investing site.

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