Learn How to Access Google Maps offline

There will be times when you might not always have a reliable internet connection when Access Google Maps offline, which will surely increase the likelihood that you’ll get lost and have no idea where you’re going.

Nevertheless, did you know that Google provides a function that will let you use Google Maps even while you are offline?

Here’s how to use Google Maps even when you’re not connected to the internet.

How to Access Google Maps offline

Users may touch on their profile image in the upper right corner of the Access Google Maps offline after finding it when the app first launches. After that, choose “Select Your Own Map” from the following menu and then drag the rectangle over the destination. Clicking download after choosing it will download the map to your device.

The processes are a little bit simpler if you are visiting a certain city or location. Use the Google Maps search bar to look for the location and choose it. After that, select “download maps” by tapping the three dots in the information panel’s upper right corner. Instead of downloading an area, this will download a specific Access Google Maps offline.

The software will also let you know how much room it will take up on your smartphone before it begins to download, which will help users understand how much room the map occupies. It should be remembered that your level of precision will affect how big the offline map is. The size of the offline map would be the least if you are highly exact.

When auto-update is on, the program will also update the map when an Access Google Maps offline. However, it should be noted that the map won’t provide an accurate indication of any traffic problems because the program loads ahead of the current time.


Can we use GPS without the internet?

Thankfully, a GPS may be used even when there is no internet connection. It can do this for several reasons and applies to both Android and iOS devices.

How good is Google Maps offline?

Now, you may use Google Maps in the region you downloaded—and in that region only—even when you’re offline. Because traffic and other road problems are not taken into consideration, you won’t obtain particularly precise travel times or alternative route alternatives, but you will at least get a basic idea of how long your trip should take.

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