YouTube tests AI-powered dubbing tool for video translation

As the site prepares to launch a new YouTube tests AI dubbing tool for converting videos into various languages, YouTube will aid its creators in reaching a global audience.

This latest initiative, which was announced at VidCon 2023, aims to give video producers a quick and simple method to translate their work “at no cost” into languages they don’t understand. Your channels may not have the funds to engage a human translation, therefore this might be helpful.

Amjad Hanif, vice president of Creator Products at YouTube tests AI, disclosed that the tool will use the AI team from Area 120, a branch of the parent business that regularly focuses on experimental technology, as well as the Google-created Aloud.

Easy translation

YouTube tests AI

According to the official Aloud website, the translation technology first converts a video into a script using artificial intelligence (AI). The transcription is then edited to remove any mistakes, provide explanations, or emphasise passages “where timing is critical.” After that, Aloud will automatically translate your video into the language of your choosing after receiving the amended screenplay from you. Once finished, you may add any new audio files onto the original video to broadcast the freshly subtitled footage.

“Creators do not [actually] understand any of the languages that they are dubbing into,” a Google spokesman assured us. Aloud will take care of all the labor-intensive work associated with difficult tasks including “translation, timing, and speech synthesis.” Again, you just need to check the transcription twice.

Future changes

The launch date for the Aloud upgrade is uncertain. YouTube tests AI is already attempting to advance the AI beyond its present capabilities, though. Aloud now only supports translating information to Spanish or Portuguese. However, there are plans to provide support for many dialects and more languages, from Hindi to Indonesian.

Later on, the platform will roll out a number of features to enhance enunciation, including “voice preservation, better emotion transfer, and even lip reanimation.” YouTube tests AI will also incorporate security measures to guarantee that only the authors may “dub their own content”.

We were also informed by the same Google person from earlier that the company is testing the Aloud AI with “hundreds of [YouTube] creators” and that additional creators will be included in the future. Over 10,000 videos have been dubbed in more than 70 languages as of June 2023.


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