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Sonm (SNM) Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Sonm?

Sonm is a fully decentralised, Ethereum Network-based startup that uses blockchain technology and fog computing. With distributed user level gear, including PCs, miners, and servers, Sonm wished to alter the way that computing was done. The platform offers applications in addition to computations, making it feasible to perform various jobs including CGI rendering and game calculations.

Sonm is a decentralised marketplace in which the provider and buyer are connected to each other, allowing users or suppliers to share idle computation using their own hardware, whether through leasing or renting. The notion of fog computing is anticipated to reduce costs for many project developers since its technology will be more affordable than those of current cloud storage providers. SNM has made history by being the first provider of computer resources to provide flexible use options.

SNM fog computing uses a decentralised pool of devices that are all connected to the internet via the Internet of Things. The platform will enable technologies including machine learning, web hosting, data storage, scientific computation, and video rendering in the majority of customer scenarios. Sonm uses smart contracts on the back end to carry out crucial operations, but these contracts are set up to be self-executing and self-enforcing. This smart contract is also used to store participant data like as profiles, ratings, and transaction histories.

Sonm Price Prediction

Month & YearSNM Price Prediction
September 2022$0.74
October 2022$1.09
November 2022$1.22
December 2022$1.29
January 2023$1.39
February 2023$1.03
March 2023$1.22
April 2023$1.34
May 2023$1.59
June 2023$1.62
September 2023$1.77
December 2023$1.89
April 2024$1.83
July 2024$2.13
October 2024$1.95
January 2025$2.17
February 2025$4.75
March 2025$4.89
April 2025$5.38
May 2025$5.46
June 2025$5.60
July 2025$6.26
August 2025$7.25
September 2025$6.61
October 2025$6.48
November 2025$7.58
Decemeber 2025$7.80
January 2030$16.74
March 2030$17.79
May 2030$19.98
July 2030$18.39
September 2030$21.19
December 2030$21.96

Sonm Overview

Project nameSonm
Ticker SymbolSNM
Total Supply 
Based onDecentralized Computing
Launched year2017
All-time high$1.14 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance, CoinDCX,Yobit

SNM ICO Overview

Platform usedNA
Raised by$42,000,000 USD
Date of ICO17th June 2017
PartnersToken Club, Dbrain, Post Kinofx, Cloud 28, AION, STORJ, Selectel, Openfrog, Mining union.

SNM Price Analysis

SNM is the Sonm Ecosystem’s virtual money that may be used for platform transactions. As recently as Binance also completed contract migration from an old one, SNM is moved from SPT Token with a ratio of 1 SPT to 4 SNM. However, after creating a new version based on the Binance Smart chain, Binance integration also assisted SNM in lowering gas prices. Sonm project is brought back into the spotlight thanks to Binance listing and BEP-20 Token support as it continues to see significant volume growth. SNM Token increased by more than 10 times from $0.088 to $1.14 in April 2021.


As computing power sharing, storage, and other services are in great demand, SNM, one of the first computing platforms, transforms into decentralised services. As demand rises, Sonm prices also rise in accordance with supply. A substantial market volume has lately been attracted to the project because Sonm’s price decreased by about 900% in 2017 despite an enormous ICO response. After experiencing a 10x price increase in just 24 hours, SNM finally entered the top 200 projects. We now know that computing might play a significant role in the development of technology since consumers wanted decentralised, safe, and affordable services. Consequently, sonm will receive a lot of attention in the future as the ideal combination of computation, data storage, and cloud storage services.

Will SNM hit $10?

SNM crosses the previous ATH in 2022 after passing the $1 USD threshold, with $10 being a possibility after that year.

Is Sonm a Good Investment?

Consider Sonm as a long-term investment because similar services are currently offered by other platforms.

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