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Price Prediction Ecomi Coin (Omi) 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Ecomi Coin?

Millions of users will be able to purchase, sell, and acquire authorized digital collectibles thanks to Ecomi Coin one-stop store. Ecomi is a technological start-up firm with headquarters in Singapore that aimed to revolutionize the field of digital collectibles. But, ORBIS blockchain technology, a New Zealand-incorporated corporation, will support Ecomi. In essence, Ecomi will provide assets as NFT since it will enable digital scarcity and irrefutable ownership evidence.

Ecomi Coin has unveiled VE-VE, the most innovative app-based marketplace for digital collectibles. This app will have high-quality 2D artworks, 3D sculptures, and most importantly, an NFT marketplace. In order to produce carbon-neutral NFTs, VE-VE will be built on a more energy-efficient blockchain. Ecomi innovation will thus be in great demand in 2021 together with the NFT frenzy. VeVe, which will be accessible on Apple and Android operating systems, is anticipated to encompass pop culture, gaming, television, entertainment, anime, sports, and other fields of the popular economy. VeVe is a rebranded version of Ecomi Collect, nevertheless, since project officials chose to rename the product as a result of a trademark dispute.

Ecomi also offers a solution called Secure Wallet that focuses on the security of digital assets or NFTs. According to a survey, millions of digital assets are lost or compromised every year. Ecomi has thus developed Secure Wallet to protect crypto and private keys. This wallet shields your asset from the internet and the outside world so that viruses and malware cannot infect it.

Ecomi Coin Price Prediction

Month & YearOMI Price Prediction
April 2023$0.0018
April 2024$0.0030
April 2025$0.0089
August 2023$0.0017
August 2025$0.0120
December 2023$0.0027
December 2030$0.0363
Decemeber 2025$0.0129
February 2025$0.0078
January 2024$0.0029
January 2025$0.0036
January 2030$0.0276
July 2023$0.0023
July 2024$0.0035
July 2025$0.0103
July 2030$0.0304
June 2023$0.0021
June 2025$0.0092
March 2023$0.0012
March 2024$0.0031
March 2025$0.0081
March 2030$0.0294
May 2023$0.0020
May 2025$0.0090
May 2030$0.0330
November 2023$0.0026
November 2025$0.0125
October 2023$0.0022
October 2024$0.0032
October 2025$0.0107
September 2023$0.0020
September 2025$0.0109
September 2030$0.0350

Ecomi Coin Overview

Project nameEcomi
Ticker SymbolOmi
Total Supply750,000,000,000
Based onDigital Asset, NFT
Launched year2018
All-time high$0.013
Exchange PlatformBitmax, BitForex
WalletOwn Wallet

Ecomi Coin ICO Overview

Platform usedERC20
Raised by$10,650,000 USD
Date of ICO12th may 2019
ICO Price0.00000001 BTC
PartnersGoChain, OpenSea, Tokidoki, spacechain.

Ecomi Coin Price Analysis

Omi is the economic engine of the Ecomi ecosystem since it makes it easier to purchase and trade NFT and digital collectibles. The Omi Token will be used for all significant platform transactions. Omi is still based on the ERC20 standard and has not switched to the GO20 token standard based on GoChain. Even if the token standard changes, it will still serve as a means of trade. ecomi first introduced Mainet in 2019 and then sold Omi in an initial coin offering (ICO) for around 0.0000799 US dollars. Omi has continued on a positive trend after the NFT breakthrough; as of the time of writing, it has increased in value by 452 times in only one year and by 1789% in the previous month.

Omi entered the top 100 crypto projects list by market cap after being accepted. According to a Coingecko study, Omi has a diluted market worth of $8 billion and is now growing by $145 million every day. As of April 2021, Omi may be exchanged on Uniswap DEX, and we will see a continuous increase in price. Omi is still not listed on major trading platforms like Binance, Coinbase, Gate, or others. Omi token holders will grow in number as NFT buyers do, which will cause supply to become exhausted and drive up Omi price.


Ecomi will be one of the largest platforms that offers security, a shop, and a marketplace in response to NFT demand and future ownership of NFT. In order to create a one-stop shop where any NFT or work linked to digital assets may be done, Ecomi established goals two years ago that they had already met. We might expect Ecomi to develop significantly in the future, earning the top spot in the NFT Collectives area on CMC and Coingecko. With their talented development team and fantastic application, Ecomi will be more user-friendly, which may be the main factor in the company’s success. NFT security, wallets, and markets require a better location.


How much Ecomi Coin will be worth in 5 years?

The growth of NFT technology in the coming five years will assist Ecomi and the Omi token achieve $1 USD.

Is Ecomi Coin a Good Investment?

Project is not yet listed on a big trading platform, but in the following month it will undoubtedly be listed, and the volume of the market will significantly increase.

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