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Price Prediction Of LockTrip (LOC) 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is LockTrip?

Locktrip is a blockchain-backed innovation that provides a comprehensive solution for business and travel with a focus on hotel booking. With more than 2.2 million hotels and properties available worldwide, LOC is currently one of the largest private hotel or vacation booking portals. With the use of blockchain, a platform offers up to 60% off and charges 0% fee while displacing a centralised environment with a decentralised one.

As developers and management collaborate to make the project a reality, Locktrip was inspired by community input and suggestions. Platform operating with three primary components: marketplace, booking, and blockchain. Anyone can first reserve a hotel or property of their choice at a lower price than the top leader. Comparing Locktrip’s rates to those of its main rivals, including, Airbnb, and Expedia, the difference is approximately 20%.

Flight booking services are increasingly using platforms because they have zero commission laws and charge 5% less than competitors. It is claimed to be the first platform to ever allow customers and property owners to communicate and confirm deals without incurring any expenses. Since the platform will be built on a distributed database that supports marketplace infrastructure, the marketplace is a crucial component. Locktrip will concentrate on enhancing hotel pricing efficiency and transparency in this sector.

Locktrip Price Prediction

Month & YearLOC Price Prediction
September 2022$1.39
October 2022$2.07
November 2022$2.31
December 2022$2.45
January 2023$2.63
February 2023$1.96
March 2023$2.31
April 2023$2.54
May 2023$3.01
June 2023$3.07
September 2023$3.35
December 2023$3.58
April 2024$3.47
July 2024$4.04
October 2024$3.69
January 2025$4.11
February 2025$9.01
March 2025$9.26
April 2025$10.20
May 2025$10.36
June 2025$10.62
July 2025$11.87
August 2025$13.74
September 2025$12.53
October 2025$12.28
November 2025$14.36
Decemeber 2025$14.78
January 2030$31.75
March 2030$33.72
May 2030$37.89
July 2030$34.87
September 2030$40.18
December 2030$41.63

Locktrip Overview

Project nameLocktrip
Ticker SymbolLOC
Total Supply18,585,933
Based onHotel Booking
Launched year2017
Supported ChainEthereum
Exchange, Kucoin, HITBTC

LOC ICO Overview

Platform usedNA
Raised by$4000000 USD
Date of ICONA
ICO Price$0.55 USD
PartnersElectroneum, Stasis, DGB, Webjet.

LOC Price Analysis

The Ethereum-based Locktrip ecosystem’s main and most important token is LOC. We are aware that Locktrip’s services accept cryptocurrency payments, and LOC, as its own token, will give holders with offers and discounts. LOC was released via ICO in 2017 for $0.55 USD, however there hasn’t been a significant price change since. LOC since January 2021 after a bullish trend, during which the price soared in the previous six months from $0.58 to a record-breaking $11.11 high. Currently, the LOC return on investment has surpassed 18 times, and the rest of the year is projected to see a bull run. LOC was listed on the biggest exchanges, and the massive increase in users and market capitalization helped to increase the value of the LOC Token.


LockTrip is a platform that not only provides booking services, but also aids in the seamless operation of other projects and developers. Locktrip Many organisations will utilise blockchain technology as they struggle to build cost-effective products. In order to compete with leading players in the sector, the project has upgraded their infrastructure and implemented development modifications. According to the survey, more than 80% of reservations are made through the and experdia platforms. Locktrip has also seen a significant increase in users and reservations. In 2021, the use of cryptocurrency as payment is expected to rise dramatically. and Locktrip are two of the most promising and reputable projects using blockchain technology.

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