YouTube Music‘s “Build a radio” feature was widely introduced earlier this month on iOS and Android, and it was just made public yesterday.

Before, YouTube Music would transform a single song into a radio when users selected that song from almost anywhere inside the app.

The station would start immediately following the conclusion of the current track, with Coming Next indicating what comes next. Also, you might store that radio as a common playlist.

You may create stations “from the ground up, by merging important musical building pieces such as artists and common musical descriptors to whether the consumer wants tracks that are fresh discoveries, or relaxing tunes, for example,” according to Make a Radio. It was discovered in testing for the first time towards the end of the previous year.

After you reach the “Your Music Tuner” and “Build a radio” cards in the Home feed, continue exploring. As a result, you have the option to select up to 30 artists from an endless grid. Next it is decided if the “Song selection” or “frequency of those artists” is Familiar, Blend, or Explore.

There are “Filters” for “Pump-up,” “Chilled,” “Upbeat,” “Downbeat,” and “Focus,” among other things. You should attempt a different option if YouTube Music says “No music to play” in such case.

An “always updating” radio will eventually use the new layout. The collection’s name is derived from the selected artists and attributes. It becomes challenging when you select more musicians than a few.

Users may manually store this radio by clicking “Add to library” next to the play button. YouTube Music advertises that this feature allows users “a lot more control over their music listening experiences” in contrast to other streaming services.


The YouTube division of Google launched a music streaming service named YouTube Music. Using categories, playlists, and suggestions, users may search for songs and music YouTube videos owing to the company’s original design, which is centred on streaming music.

Ad-free playing, background music playback, and music downloads for offline listening are all available on the service’s membership tier.

All of these membership benefits are available to YouTube Premium subscribers as well. The platform will take over from Google Play Music as the company’s main streaming music brand on December 1, 2020.


What is the radio feature on YouTube Music?

The “tune your music” option presents you with a grid of musicians to choose from that resembles YouTube Music’s initial setup procedure. When users have made their choices, YouTube Music will reportedly present them with three “Song selection” options: Familiar, Blend, and Explore.

How do you make a radio on YouTube?

Give your broadcast a name and complete any necessary metadata on your livestream page. The Stream Key is located at the bottom of the page. Go to Settings > Stream in OBS. To start streaming, choose Start Streaming from your Scene after entering your Stream Key and saving the settings.

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