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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Resigns, And Indian-American Neal Mohan Will Take Over As CEO

Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. announced on Thursday that Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, had resigned from her position. Wojcicki wants to devote more time to her family, her health, and her projects. After Wojcicki, Indian-American Neal Mohan will assume leadership of the business.

Amid fierce competition for viewers’ attention from short-form video services like TikTok and Facebook’s Reels, as well as streaming services like Netflix, the change of guard comes as YouTube’s advertising revenue fell for the second consecutive quarter.

Mohan, a former Stanford student, was chosen to serve as YouTube’s chief product officer in 2015. In his role, he put a lot of effort into developing YouTube Shorts, Music, and subscription offerings. Before joining Google in 2008, where he worked for nearly six years at DoubleClick, he spent about eight years as senior vice president of display and video advertising.

One of the most well-known women in technology, Wojcicki stated that she would prioritize “family, health, and personal projects” and join Alphabet’s advisory board. She was officially Appointed to YouTube in 2014 after previously serving as Google’s senior vice president of advertising products.

“It appears to be a forced exit caused by YouTube’s recent poor performance… It’s unclear whether Mohan, who has kept a low profile thus far, possesses the required leadership skills to turn YouTube around “Insider Intelligence analyst Paul Verna stated.

After the news, Alphabet shares barely changed for the day, falling less than 1%.

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Who is Neal Mohan?

1. Stanford University awarded Neal Mohan a degree in electrical engineering.

2. With the 2007 acquisition of DoubleClick, Mohan, a longtime subordinate of Susan Wojcicki, joined Google.

3. In 2015, Mohan was appointed chief product officer at YouTube. He concentrated on developing YouTube Shorts, Music, and subscription offerings in his role.

4. In the past, Mohan worked for Microsoft and currently serves on the boards of Stitch Fix and the genomics and biotechnology company 23andMe.

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