With the cartel controlling the US border, a human trafficker tells Sara Carter that there is “no way back.”

The U.S.-Mexico border is currently under the authority of Mexican cartels, not either government, according to a Central American human smuggler who talked privately and anonymously to investigative journalist Sara Carter.

Carter informed Fox News that despite his involvement in the open border crisis, the trafficker freely agreed to the interview because he feels uneasy with the situation of foreign children being brought into the country illegally.

The man introduced himself to Carter as “the guy who takes people to the U.S.U.S.,” specifically immigrants.

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“I like taking risks, and I knew that people would profit greatly from it,” the author said.

He claimed that the unnamed criminal group he works for has a sort of pipeline from El Salvador to the United States and that as the Mexican cartels become involved farther up the line, the threat increases.

“It’s riskier because once we reach the cartels, they start requesting youngsters for drug trafficking and other activities. Therefore, it’s undoubtedly riskier, “added he.

According to the smuggler, it is “horrific” to see youngsters who are occasionally slain by cartels while serving as human cargo in their huge trafficking operations. He added that it “truly shocks them just to see the reality that they can go through.”

The smuggler responded, “there’s no going back,” when asked if one political figure or an “all-out war” would be required to lessen the cartels’ hold on the U.S.U.S. border under the Biden administration.

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“They are already so powerful. He believes that it is too late to stop the cartels, “said he.

No one “can deny the scale, severity and misery” of the border crisis, Fox News correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera said in response to the interview.

The more commonplace the illegal activity, the more these smugglers have earned the moniker “polleros” or “herders of hens,” he continued.

Rivera advocated for creating a southern “Ellis Island” to help asylum seekers enter legally while guarding the border against illegitimate and criminal groups.

Rep. Chip Roy, a Republican from Texas who represents a region just north of the border, continued, “It’s astounding to see New York City Mayor Eric Adams “complain” about a few hundred migrants being bussed to Port Authority. While his area deals with 8,000 each day.”

He continued by saying that Mayor Muriel Bowser of the District of Columbia, who is similarly upset that migrants are being bused to an area close to Union Station and the Fox News Washington bureau, should also be aware of the effects liberal policies have had on the nation.

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