Windows Comes With A New Update, Makes Managing RCB Light Simpler

With one of the new features coming to Windows, which gets rid of unwanted bloatware, managing one’s different RGB devices is made simpler. 

Windows RCB Light Update

Microsoft is now making the necessary preparations to create an integrated RGB Light Management platform for Windows. While Microsoft’s operating system continues to have a solid lead in the bulk of gaming and business use cases, recent developments have pushed the company to implement several long-awaited features. 

For instance, when Valve released the Steam Deck, it gave gamers a viable operating system alternative to Windows in the form of SteamOS. The Steam Deck immediately established itself as one of the best contemporary handheld gaming devices. The fact is that Microsoft’s groundbreaking operating system is no longer the end-all and be-all that it once was, even though SteamOS on its own isn’t likely to seriously challenge Windows as the standard gaming operating system anytime soon. 

RGB management is a tiny but significant method that Microsoft hopes to boost the usefulness of the Windows OS and its long-term relevance for gamers. It’s no secret that, until now, every significant peripheral manufacturer has relied on its own, specialised RGB control tool, such as Corsair’s iCUE utility. There is currently no mechanism for consumers to integrate third-party devices to more easily synchronise their RGB lighting, but the Dynamic Lighting menu in Windows 11 aims to end  this problem once and for all. 

Windows users will soon be able to “effortlessly” customize all of their RGB-enabled peripherals through a straightforward menu screen, enabling all of their devices to smoothly cooperate without the need for third-party software, according to Microsoft’s latest update on the company’s official website. Although Windows won’t get an official handheld mode anytime soon, improvements like the new Dynamic Lighting menu demonstrate that Microsoft is steadily working to make the OS more practical and enjoyable overall. 

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