When courtiers prevented Prince Harry from meeting the Queen to discuss the official royal exit, he became “incensed.”

Many fresh details have emerged regarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s shocking decision to leave high royal positions and relocate to California. Harry wanted to meet with his grandmother Queen Elizabeth in December 2019 to go over his intentions, according to Valentine Low’s book Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown, as reported by The Times.

According to Valentine, “Prince Harry sent his father an email, saying they were unhappy. The current set-up was not working for them, and they wanted to go and live in North America. Harry seemed to be under the impression that they could sort it out by email before he and Meghan returned to London on January 6.”

Prince Harry felt they weren’t being taken seriously when he was informed that there would need to be a “family conversation” and that everyone was busy until January 29. To expedite things, he apparently “tried to see his grandmother alone before he left Canada” but was informed that she wasn’t available. Valentine reports that “Harry was incensed” and felt courtiers prevented him from meeting with the Queen. At the same time, a source said, “There was a danger that a private conversation could be interpreted very differently by two people.”

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Prince Harry reportedly contemplated visiting his grandmother “unannounced” but decided against it after feeling “cornered, misunderstood, and extremely sad.” Instead, he and Meghan announced their intention to surrender on January 8.

Various alternatives were discussed in the following meetings; most had Harry and Meghan continuing to serve as working royals but taking more time off. The palace made it clear that anything Prince Harry and Meghan did would “reflect on the institution” and that they should not act or make decisions to benefit financially or in any other way materially for themselves, their family, or their friends.

The way the palace handled their departure, according to a royal insider, was “incompetent beyond belief,” and Meghan, in particular, allegedly learned this “She couldn’t even do the things that she could do as a private citizen because there were so many absurd restrictions, which is difficult. All that was needed was for the decision-makers to gather around a table and decide what to do. What is required of you to feel better? What else can we offer?”

According to a different insider, Prince Harry and Meghan made the best decision by leaving the company in the end. “There is a part of me that thinks Meghan did Prince Harry the greatest courtesy anyone could do to him, which was to take him out of the royal family because he was just tragically miserable in a final couple of years in his working life,” the insider said. We knew he was unhappy, but we didn’t see the solution. She came along and found the answer.”

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