Westworld Season 5: It’s Good If It Concludes

Co-creator of Westworld season 5 said it would be the series’ conclusion if it releases, despite HBO not officially approving the renewal. Humans and hosts have engaged in conflict over the dominance of the other species throughout Westworld seasons 1 through 4.

The Westworld season 3 finale transformed things, establishing a world built by Charlotte Hale where humans and hosts coexisted, with the hosts now dominating the humans. The neo-Western science-fiction TV show originally depicted humans aggressively manipulating hosts in Delos-owned WestWorld park.

Westworld Season 5

It would make sense for Westworld season 5 to be the final one. Westworld season 4 also featured the host version of William to start the apocalypse with his demand to overthrow Hale’s global order and encourage the populace to fall into their most violent inclinations. From a narrative standpoint, the conclusion of Westworld season 4 perfectly set up the sci-fi show’s potential season 5 epilogue when Dolores/Christina (Evan Rachel Wood) decided to give humans one final chance to earn their rightful place in the Sublime.

Regarding ratings, it would also make sense for Westworld to finish with season 5, as season 4’s narrative received high reviews but saw a significant decline in viewing. Given the current situation, HBO wouldn’t make sense to renew Westworld for a second season. However, it would neatly wrap up the neo-Western sci-fi drama Westworld if it renewed for one more season. It will resolve all of the show’s loose ends.

HBO On 5th Season

HBO has yet to order a fifth and final season of Westworld as of this writing. While the current season of Westworld was showing, HBO typically renewed the show during that time. However, the recent merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery, Inc. into Warner Bros. Discovery and the unexpected cancellations of some of the performances could jeopardise Westworld’s future. When questioned about it at the New York Comic Con on October 8, co-creator Jonathan Nolan expressed optimism and said they had “always intended for a fifth and final season.”

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Since Dolores chose to try and replicate humanity after an undisclosed test, the Westworld season 4 conclusion was catastrophic and hopeful. Dolores might have just abandoned humanity and moved to the Sublime, but she tried replicating it there instead. What test Dolores will put on society is what Westworld season 5 must unavoidably address. After all, she previously declared she recalled everything and spent 23 years studying humans in Charlotte Hale’s simulation. Based on her recollections, Dolores could effortlessly build human beings. By implanting humanity’s consciousness into host bodies, something both Delos and Hale attempted and failed to do; this would give humanity a chance to survive the events of Westworld season 5. But if Dolores did things her way in the Sublime, she may succeed with this scheme.

What Will Westworld Season 5 Unfold?

Season 5 will disclose the fate of many of Westworld’s hosts to the viewers. After all, Dolores’ monologue in Westworld season 4 proved that Earth hosts were victims of human brutality, effectively putting an end to all sentient life on the planet. Even though William’s order didn’t affect the Outliers, she said they would pass away in a few months or years.

Hopefully, HBO will ultimately renew Westworld season 5 to provide the answers to these concerns as well as the sci-fi TV series’ deservedly grand finale.

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