Microsoft Introduce Viva Engage App

Written By

Sara Smith

Viva Engage is the modern feature from Microsoft that serves as a platform for people in an organization to connect and socialize. 

Yammer is the basis of Viva Engage, which enables users to communicate with one another, ask questions, and exchange information and ideas.

Viva Engage app will get a storyline section in September that will include posts, short videos, photos, and other content..

“Viva Engage also brings new features—storyline and stories—which enable employees to connect with colleagues by sharing their thoughts, knowledge, and experiences through conversations and videos.

All Microsoft 365 commercial clients have access by default to the new Viva Engage app, storyline, and stories.

Administrators can also install and add Viva Engage to the Teams app bar for all desktop and web users using Teams app policies.

Viva Engage app supports the same privacy, security, compliance, and manageability standards set up for Yammer.