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Sara Smith

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Richest American Idol Contestants in 2023

Kelly Clarkson is the embodiment of the American Idol dream and the first one to top the list on richest American Idol contestants. Her Net Worth is $45 million.

Kelly Clarkson  

Carrie Underwood is another one on the list of richest American idol contestants. Her net worth is $200 million. 

Carrie Underwood  

Chris Daughtry may not have won American Idol, but he certainly won the hearts of fans and is one of the most loving ones on the list of richest American idol contestants. His net worth is $10 million.

Chris Daughtry  

Jennifer Hudson’s powerful vocals and incredible talent catapulted her to fame during her time on American Idol, her net worth is $25 million. 

Jennifer Hudson  

Adam Lambert’s theatrical style and powerhouse vocals made him a fan favourite on American Idol, His Net Worth is $20 million.

Adam Lambert  

Phillip Phillips another one on the list of richest American Idol contestants won the eleventh season of American Idol and quickly made a name for himself with his folk-infused pop-rock sound. His Net Worth is $3 million. 

Phillip Phillips  

Clay Aiken’s journey from runner-up on American Idol to a successful entertainer includes music, television, and even politics. Aiken’s net worth is estimated at $6 million. 

Clay Aiken  

Katharine McPhee’s soulful voice and striking beauty captured the hearts of many during her American Idol run. Her Net Worth is $8 million.

Katharine McPhee